What we're about

We are a community of Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners with less than 3 employees, Freelancers, Consultants & coaches dedicated to supporting each other and learning what it takes to attract and retain clients … and feel good & right doing it.

Most sales and marketing today is transactional – the focus is on manipulating pain and increasing pleasure. We are not making that wrong. We are saying that there should be a different way.

Our different way is based on being connected & heart centered.

What we do every month:
1. Training and educational events on how to attract and retain clients using a connected approach.
2. Networking and social events designed to strengthen and support the community.
3. And much more.

Please join our group asap and I look forward to seeing you!
Sandra Hughes, Organizer.

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RocktOber Entrepreneurs Networking Gala - Friendly Connections & Opportunities

If there is a waiting list, please RSVP immediately to get on it. We will be marketing to several channels so the RSVP numbers you see here may not reflect the total. We will open up more spaces closer to the event date and time. Welcome to our networking event at Uplevel Works, the co-working space owned by our hosts Barbara Tsai and Bill Lennan. As the photos confirm, we are a friendly, safe crowd to explore possible professional friendships, connections and opportunities. "This event was unlike other networking events - the hosts actually welcomed people and made me feel at home whilst making sure that I met the right people!" - Dan Fraser, former attendee. These monthly gatherings are primarily for networking, building connection, and community. All entrepreneurs are welcome. Definitely speak to Barbara and Bill if you are looking for a place to work! See you soon, Sandra Hughes, Sunil Bhaskaran, Co-Organizers and Barbara Tsai and Bill Lennan, Our Hosts

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