What we're about

This is a friendly, fun, creative, and inspired group that welcomes people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, personalities, and personal interest.

The purpose and mission of this group are to make and gather
True connections
Long-term friends
Positive impacts
Long-lasting supports
Motivated learning buddies
Fun teammates in this fast-pace, highly competitive, and stressful area.

Rules: 1. Please take responsibilities for your own behavior and safety. 2. Respect others as well as yourself. 3. If you can't attend the event you have already RSVP, please change your RSVP to "not going". If you didn't do so and no show for two times, you will be removed from the group. 4. Please respect other's time and don't be late to the event. If you are more than 15 mins late then we will not be able to wait for you but start our adventure.

I would highly recognize and appreciate any amount of voluntary donation (suggested amounts $5) at the end of each event to help keep this group going as you all know it takes time to research and to organize every single event, as well as to maintain a meetup group that's over 50 people.

Upcoming events (2)

The Vesper Happy Hour

394 E Campbell Ave

Happy Hour! If you haven't visited The Vesper, now is the time to go. They have whiskey tasting, amazing cocktails and food. Happy Hour is from 4-6pm so lets meet then! You can check out their menu on their website - http://thevespercampbell.com. This event is cross posted on other sites, so there may be additional people attending that you do not see RSVP's. Hope to see you there!

San Tomas West Community Gathering

Sutton Swim School

Join us and learn more about what's happening in our neighborhood. At this meeting we'll have Board Elections and you'll have your questions answered about recycling! What do you do with your egg cartons? Can you recycle holiday wrapping? Is foil gift wrap recyclable? Bring an unwrapped toy for our Toy Drive and get an extra raffle ticket! Agenda: 5:30pm - Doors Open 6:00pm - Meeting Starts with Introductions & Board Elections 6:10pm - West Valley Recycling 6:20pm - Q&A 6:25pm - San Jose Recycling 6:35pm - Q&A 6:40pm - Ugly Sweater Contest 6:50pm - Raffle 7:00pm - Open Forum Follow us on our Social Media Pages! Facebook - @SanTomasWestCommunity NextDoor - search San Tomas West *This meetup is cross posted on other meetups and platforms.

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