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We'll be making day an weekend trips to nearby dual-sport and adventure riding destinations. The dual-sport/adventure segment is growing rapidly and for good reason. It is an economical fun and safe way to enjoy the outdoors on two wheels. The national forests and scenery of Northern California make for a spectacular place to have one of these bikes. I moved here 4 years ago and just recently (and finally) got my KLR. I'm planning some trips this summer and would love to share my new knowledge with other adventurous riders. The plan is for rides to be overnight/weekend getaways. I have a full luggage system on my bike but am planning to take my van and tow the bike on longer trips or trips where we'll need a more significant base camp. I'm looking forward to building a community of like minded folks where we can swap stories and tips while sharing in some fun adventures.

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Sunday Ride *correct date*

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Sunday Ride

Sparky's Giant Burgers

Friday Meet and Greet Ride

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