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Play Codex, which is kind of different these days

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Come try the much revised version of Codex. Only 6 playsets are available this time, though watching or helping each other play allows for more. We may go from the cafe to the 2nd floor lounge of the nearby tall while building to get more table space at some point.

There are pretty major changes to the game:

There's a cooldown zone for getting tech and heroes back. Gold carries over between turns and you don't exhaust workers for gold (yes really) Tech buildings now take a turn to build. Much simplified timing system now means that asynchronous play will be possible. Instead of waiting 900 times for your opponent's responses to stuff during your turn, your opponent's decisions on your turn are all consolidated into just one step. In general, you can only do spells or abilities on your own turn, outside of combat. Every spell and ability in the entire game that can be done during combat (including on the opponent's turn's combat) is now marked with a bright tag so that timing is very clear. The cooldown zone, new gold system, and new timing system allowed for many cards to be greatly simplified. There's much less text on cards overall and it should be easier to understand what they do, and how to play at all. Tech 3 units are generally buffed, some massively buffed. Tech 3 units are also no longer easily killable by early game spells. They are much more able to end games now. --------

Getting to the venue: the nearest BART station is MacArthur, which is a bit far, but there's a free Emery-Go-Round shuttle that goes from MacArthur station literally to the doorstep of this cafe. There's plenty of parking nearby if you're driving, either on the street or in the large parking lot for the Emeryville Public Market across the street.