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Play Pandante, which is even more refined

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Let's play Pandante again, a slightly improved version from the last time, and a much improved from the time before that. If you haven't played before, it's easy to learn and you're welcome to come. If you are a poker expert, you are encouraged to come.


The ability round is *much faster* because no abilities have reactions anymore. You don't have to wait to see if anyone wants to react, then wait to see if anyone challenges that reaction. Higher fun factor: you can do up to TWO abilities at a time. Wow! Are you an orange+green hail marry player or a black+black jerk? Amount of gold needed to win slightly adjusted for 5p and 6p games There are TWO NEW POKER HANDS that are possible to claim. They are unfamiliar to humans, but well known amongst gambling pandas. Show up to unlock their mysteries. The order of poker hands is now different because of actual math + game design reasons. Experimental new rule: after each of the first two betting rounds, those with the lowest claimed hands must reveal a color of one of their cards. Take care not to be lowest! Panda Lords are now slightly easier to get. You can now win them even if everyone else folds, as long as you claimed a higher hand than you actually have. The green and/or black abilities might be slightly different this time. Still working on that.

It will help if you RSVP so I can have enough materials ready.


Getting to the venue: the nearest BART station is MacArthur, which is a bit far, but there's a free Emery-Go-Round shuttle that goes from MacArthur station literally to the doorstep of this cafe. There's plenty of parking nearby if you're driving, either on the street or in the large parking lot for the Emeryville Public Market across the street.