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Indie Fest '12: Beside My Brother

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Beside My Brother (Neben Meinen Bruder)

Markus Englmair 2011

Categories: Narrative Feature

Run time: 76 min. | Austria

Two identical twin brothers are raised by their traumatized father as one person. They don’t go to school, they sleep in the same bed, and they answer to the same name: Thomas. While their personalities are different, their passion for painting keeps them together. After years of being kept from the world, the twins decide to leave their father and move to the city to become painters. There they begin to come to terms with what had been silenced for years.



Dinner will be here at about 8.30pm:

Panchitas Restaurant (,view:smartmaps&ei=z45CT7HTB4vYowSxncSGCw&sig2=JcIk15dQ9JTLG6skemUiNg&dtab=2)‎[masked]th St San Francisco, CA[masked]