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Noir City at the Castro: Triple Feature

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Come out for a Triple Feature of Noir City selections. I will be on hand for all three flicks, pick & choose as you like.
None of these films are on DVD, this may be the only time you ever get a chance to see them!

No dinner!

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D. William Wyler. 1931, Universal, 70 min.
7:00 PM
One of the first talking pictures from legendary director William Wyler tells the magnificently melodramatic tale of a widowed fisherman (Walter Huston) on a small Pacific Island whose new mail-order bride (Helen Chandler) prefers the conjugal bed of the old man's son (Douglass Montgomery). The pitched battle between father and son leads to a crippling accident that brings the guilt and desperation to a boiling point, propelling the trio toward a stunning (and brilliantly realized) climax.

D: James Whale. 1965, MGM/WB, 67 min.
8:25 PM
Attorney Paul Held devises an "insanity" defense for a man accused of killing his adulterous wife. As Held builds the case, he suspects his own wife of cheating . . . and decides a "not guilty" verdict will allow him to murder his adulterous spouse! Director Whale brings high style to this clever tale, shot on the same sets where he created Frankenstein. The racy courtroom drama provides a rare serious role for Frank (The Wizard of Oz) Morgan and a small but luminous role for Gloria (Titanic) Stuart.

D: Edward L. Cahn. 1933, Universal, 70 min.
9:45 PM
Recently rediscovered after all existing prints were thought lost, this extraordinary rarity starts with Barney Slaney (Pat O'Brien) murdering his wife and her lover and being sentenced to a life of hard labor. A terrific adaptation of the novel by cult writer Jim Tully, which has inexplicably languished in obscurity for decades. The only way to see it? In this theater, tonight!