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The Bay Area Firearm Enthusiasts Meetup group was created for those who enjoy the sport of pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting. We formed this group to accommodate all kinds of shooters. No matter your experience with firearms, the Bay Area Firearm Enthusiasts Meetup group will accommodate you. We are here to meet others, share helpful ideas and help each other gain practical knowledge and valuable experience using your firearm. For those who do not own firearms and would like to join up and test the waters, this would be the group to join.

The Bay Area Firearm Enthusiasts Meetup has members that are experienced firearms instructor(s) certified by the NRA as well as a California HSC (handgun safety certificate) instructor(s). You can assure your experience will be pleasurable and safe. We encourage you to join and attend any of our events you may be interested in or suggest your own.

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Any new shooters or new to the area?
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Any new/newer shooters or new to the area want to meet up and do an intro to shooting, guns, and competition shooting?
There are several local clubs that have competition shooting and would love to have any newbies! Message me for details!

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Sunday Morning Skeet!

Santa Clara County Field Sports Park

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