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Book signing with Tobin Gilman at Katie Bloom's in Campbell

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Katie Blooms

369 E Campbell Ave · Campbell, CA

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BAGH hosts will be wearing their flashing ghost necklaces.

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Please join Bay Area Ghost Hunters when our special guest, Author Tobin Gilman, comes to recount the most gruesome murder case in the history of the South Bay Area and sign copies of his book, The McGlincy Killings of Campbell, California.

While I was growing up, my late father had a small business on Westchester Drive in Campbell. Those days when he took me to work with him, we would drive down McGlincy Lane to reach that building next to the Winchester Drive-In Movie Theater. The spooky vibe would hit my solar plexus as we passed the recycle center, but I had no reason to hold on to it. Decades later, I learned we were passing the site where McGlincy family was slain. Recently, I was delighted to run across a copy of Tobin's book as I browsed what was available at Costco. Considering how many books I purchase, this was one of the few I read as soon as I bought it. I rarely do that. They usually end up in a to-be-read pile.

How is it this case has been forgotten by this locale? Six people were brutally slaughtered that May evening in 1894. With a witness who survived this mass slaying, there was no doubt the perpetrator was James Dunham, the lady of the house's son-in-law, but he fled scene before he could attack the second ranch hand and was never seen again in the Bay Area. The townfolk of Campbell never saw justice for what happened to one of their highly regarded families.

Although the barn was used as a recycling center back in the 70s, the house was torn down in 1955 because it was allegedly haunted. I don't doubt that; with that kind of stigma it had strong reason to be. But where did the ghosts go? Now the barn is gone too. For those who are interested, we'll caravan to the murder site afterward. If any of the sensitives in our group join us, we would love to hear their impressions.

We'll meet at Katie Bloom's for a Dutch treat lunch and Tobin will talk a bit about the McGlincy murders. He will also sign any books members bring and have some to sell ($20.00).

Our rough schedule for the afternoon is:

1:00 p.m. Dutch treat lunch
2:00 p.m. Tobin will talk about a bit about the case and sign copies of his book
3:00 p.m. those interested will caravan to the murder site

Please be advised this schedule is subject to change. Katie Bloom's is an Irish pub located in Downtown Campbell. There is lots of free parking available on the streets and with the parking garage on North Second Street behind Aqui's. BAGH hosts will be wearing their flashing ghost necklaces.

BAGH is thrilled to have Tobin Gilman as our special guest and look forward to seeing members there.