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Jan 14, 2008


Although I find the science behind ghosthunting interesting, I am most intrigued by the stories and would like to write a book on local true ghost stories. I have visited and reviewed several haunted hotels, restaurants, and travel destinations.

What do you believe about the paranormal?

Those who believe don't need proof; hard core skeptics can be shown proof until you're blue in the face and they'll always find a "rational" explanation for it. (The only thing that seems to work is when they witness something powerful firsthand.)

Have you ever had a personal experience with the paranormal?

None that were very impressive.

Do you have any experience in researching and documenting paranormal activity?

I have written many reviews on books and ghost-related doccos and movies. I have also reviewed many haunted hotels, restaurants, and destinations. These can be found through my member page at

Why are you interested in ghost hunting?

It's always reassuring to find something tangible to back my beliefs. Besides, it would be interesting to find out why some people move on and why others don't. We never will without research.