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    I've been watching all the paranormal shows for years and wondering if there were any groups in the Bay Area. How lovely to encounter this one!
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    I believe in energy! Which includes spiritual energy. I've had first hand experiences and have taken an interest in phenomena (paranormal & parapsychology), as well as, learning about the history of the area, building, etc.
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    Although I find the science behind ghosthunting interesting, I am most intrigued by the stories and would like to write a book on local true ghost stories. I have visited and reviewed several haunted hotels, restaurants, and travel destinations.
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    Hi there. I'm interested in learning about San Jose/Monterey/Salinas ghosts. Stories are fine--no equipment necessary because I already believe. Tell me a story! “HISTORY IS ULTIMATELY AN INVENTORY OF GHOSTS.” Dierector Guillermo Del Toro