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This group is for people interested in knowing truth and gaining Higher Consciousness, releasing stress, gain clarity, remember their super powers, why they are here on Earth, reconnect with tribe, have peace, learn Kundalini yoga, raise their vibration and much more... We hold monthly Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremonies in Los Gatos almost every month.

Come together and experience this love bug medicine. I cannot put into words what happens at these ceremonies because it is beyond words. Love, understanding, peace, clarity, joy, release... all in a few hours. You just have to experience it. (No ceremony in July, earmark late Aug for Mt Shasta and possible Cancun in October!)

Christina WHITE WOLFE has studied and traveled around the world internationally learning about plant medicine. She is certified in Quantum Touch, a touch-based healing technique that uses the "chi" of both practitioner and client and certified in Clarity Breathwork I,II,III. White Wolfe is a channler and accesses Thoth Akashic records and can tell you exactly what is holding you back from moving forward without you telling anything to her. She can assist in pyschic surgies and help you release physical pain from your body that was caused by trauma if you're body allows it.

She is also a Certified Health Coach with Dr Sears and Certified in Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense Hand to Hand Combat, Weapons and Advanced Tactics and holds an Orange Belt in Vanguard Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense. Prior to this she was a financial advisor and in the investment corporate world for over a decade. She is the founder of whitewolfewellness.com and Vortex Real Estate Investments. If you know anyone who wants to buy or sell a house, apartment, hotel, land in any state please let me know. www.Vortexrei.com.

It was such an amazing experience I don’t know how to put it; besides my life was definitely changed immediately something powerful happened, unexplainable but I recommend everyone give themselves a chance to be forever elevated.
Chris B.

I read all of the 5 star reviews for Christina white Wolfe wellness. I agree with them with a 6 star rating:). I will bring back friends and family to her meditation session to directly feel the power of healing. Words cannot fully describe the vibration and energy I felt during the breathing meditation! I never knew that you can access your higher self in such a simple way—-yet I knew that Christina and her team were gifted and/or taught to bring us all into the present moment!...besides her power and gift, I would like to comment on her down-to-earth character: She is a great teacher yet she humbled herself so much that she claimed that she was only an assistant, and treated everybody around her as her teacher. Christina's narrative skills, her personal growth experience and her compassionate heart to help others are all subtle but real! You have to experience it yourself to know her real power:) I highly recommend Christina’s team and I would love to learn more from them in the future! What a blessing! Yanlee

I had the immense pleasure of working both in group and one-on-one with Christina while camping in the beautiful Sequoia National Forest. Both experiences were life changing and, as she accurately described them, “like a years worth of therapy wrapped into 1-2 hours”. If you’re ready to dig deep and face some pretty real truths about yourself, step into her workshop! She is an exquisite guide, beautiful soul, and the exact kind of person you’d want to take you through this process. Changed my life for the better - it’ll change yours too. Bella C.

www.whitewolfewellness.com and White Wolfe Wellness Facebook for more reviews

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Superhuman Ceremony-Cacao Breathwork Sound Journey

East West Bookshop, Mountain View

SOLD OUT -Superhuman Ceremony-Cacao Breathwork Sound
SOLD OUT- Superhuman Ceremony-Cacao Breathwork Sound

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