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Bay Area Indian Singles for Marriage Group (SMG)
For singles interested in marriage or committed relationship!

You only need one good life partner!

This is a place for mature Indian singles, who are 21 or older, to come and meet other Indians who are in a place in their lives where they are ready to settle down. This group is for people who value, respect, believe in marriage and have it on their minds.

If you are respectful, sincere, committed and want to settle down with someone who compliments and completes you; if you feel that life is too dull and insipid without someone worthy to share it with; if you are a person who focuses on positives, accept what you cannot change, appreciate goodness, challenge your fears; if you are free from all baggage from past; if and only if you are unmarried, already divorced, widowed, then this is the place for you.

If you are married, in a committed relationship, in divorce, do not believe in marriages, or only have dating/hookup on your mind, then this is NOT the place for you. Get out of here! And from this group!

SMG MEMBERSHIP: Membership to SMG is restricted to Indians and people of Indian origin only. Only with serious intent to get married are welcome here. There is no age, religion or language restrictions.
Restricting members to Indians only is not discriminatory. This is a private group and law provides for it. Meetup policies allow formation of "Restricted" groups.

14-day trial membership requires approval. Requirements for trial membership are:

• You are single and looking to get married.

• You answered all profile questions and have recognizable head shot on your profile.

For membership to continue after the trial period, you must:

• Fill out the membership form: https://goo.gl/3bmBjY

• Pay non-refundable membership of $10/year. Membership fee is mandatory for everyone including people I know, friends included.

Pay through meetup.com or by PayPal to mankola@yahoo.com.

NOTE: This amount will not be refunded for any reasons, so don't ask me. The fees is collected to keep the group clean, real and to keep unwanted elements out of the group. 100% of the fees collected will be donated to some non-profit against domestic violence and abuse of any form.

Me as founder and owner of the group reserve right to deny membership to anyone and to remove anyone for good cause or at my discretion with no explanation provided. Troublemakers, stalkers, cheaters, liars, scammers for green card, being disrespectful, not abiding to rules and regulations will be removed and possibly banned. If not banned, you may be able to join back.

ABOUT ME: I have always believed marriages are a wonderful thing but not been lucky enough! I've been married twice and divorced twice. First marriage lasted 14 years and have two boys from the marriage. My second marriage short - I believe it was a "sham" marriage for green card. Being married and having complete family was the best period of my life. Being single - it's just not my forte!

MY GOAL WITH SMG: I have been on meetup for 10+ years and been Organizer of several meetups. It all started with Bay Area Single Parents & Divorcee group (now called Break Ke Baad) in 2009 time-frame. Back then Google, Facebook, whatsApp, etc were not that popular, so the divorce support group was a novel concept and I believe it has had significant impact on the Indian divorcee community in Bay Area.

With SMG, it's a new idea and an experiment. Over the years, I have heard all the singles out here are searching for their life partners, but finding it very difficult to find that one person. It's a zoo and there there plenty of fishes. But not many willing to commit. Many of you are on shaadi.com, and other matrimonial sites, this is similar. This group is similar, for real people with intent of getting married. The goal of this group is to make it easier to meet locals and tie the knot.

HOW WILL THIS GROUP OPERATE? I'm open to ideas. For now, I am thinking of maybe a monthly mixer. Members can reach out to each other by private messages, just don't harass anyone. If you are not interested and don't want to hear from someone then block them.

PROMOTING BUSINESSES: STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. Promoting any business, event, etc. without permission my permission may result is you being removed and banned from the group.

COMPLAINTS: If you have any complaints about an event, please have it addressed by the event host first, then talk to me. I'll hear both sides and do my best to resolve it.


* When you sign up with a “Yes” RSVP for an event, it is assumed that you know the risks involved with that activity and decide to participate at your own risk. Parents assume all risk when they sign a child up for an event. Members assume all risks for family and guests they bring along.

* By RSVP’ing “Yes” to an event, you indemnify our group from any problem you should incur because of this risk.

By joining and being a member of SMG, you agree that:

* You voluntarily joined the group and attending events voluntarily.

* No duty is owed to any guests attending the events.

* While attending events or hosting events, there maybe risks or hazards, foreseen or unforeseen, due to negligence or accidental. These inherent risks include, but are not limited to, the dangers of serious personal injury, property damage, and death (“Injuries and Damages”) from exposure to the hazards of travel.

* By becoming a membejavascript:void(null);r of the group you WAIVE, DISCHARGE CLAIMS, AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY Meetup, SMG, it's founder--me, event organizers, and agents (collectively referred to as “the released parties”) from ANY AND ALL LIABILITY on account of, or in any way resulting from Injuries and Damages, even if caused by negligence of the released parties, in any way connected to this Meetup event. You agree to HOLD HARMLESS SMG, me and the released parties from any claims, damages, injuries or losses caused by your own negligence while participant on the Meetup event.

* SMG does not have doctors or ERT. SMG and its members have NO DUTY to provide any medical assistance or call for ambulance in any medical emergency.

* You understand and intend that this assumption of risk and release is binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.

* This release of liability includes those who are under your supervision or any friend that you may bring to an event. You assume responsibility for any non-member that I bring/invite to an event.


Manishkumar Ankola

The Chief, BA Indian Singles for Marriage Group

(408) 768-4563

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