WEBINAR: The Nourished Leader


Note to attend this event, you need to purchase a ticket here: https://nourishedleader.eventbrite.com

FREE WEBINAR: The Nourished Leader on August 19 @10AM PST
This complimentary workshop is for go-getter women who feel stuck, stressed or burned out and are looking to gain the tools and perspective to manage their stress and expand their definitions of success so they can live healthy empowered lives. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have a practical framework to build a nourished (mind, body, spirit) lifestyle and leverage tools outside of the workshop.

Workshop Style: Interactive, discussion and individual-reflection based lecture and activities

In this webinar, we will dive into 4 pillars to live healthy, empowered lives as go-getter women.

(1) The Basics - quick tools to check-in with yourself

(2) Health & Wellness - tools to nourishing yourself off the plate

(3) Wealth & Abundance - broadening our definitions of success

(4) Sustainable Transformation - making small shifts to live a more nourished life

Attendees will walk away with the tools and perspective to decrease stress and increase joy in their personal and professional lives with a broadened definition of success.

Workshop Goals:

· Create an opportunity for an open discussion about what success looks like & fees like as a woman in 2019

· Broaden our personal & professional definitions of success

· Identify small, sustainable shifts we can make to create & live nourished, empowered lives

Thank you to The Bold Collaborative for sponsoring this webinar