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We are committed to building a networking community of professional coaches, one that is of coaches, and for coaches, of all types. Whether an established veteran coach, a newbie, or if you are just considering the coaching lifestyle on a full or part time basis. We welcome, life coaches, business coaching, executive coaching, divorce coping coaches, health coaches, weight lost coaches, beauty coaches, sports coaches, style coaches, addiction coaches, enrichment speakers, and now also, “Second Adulthood Baby Boomer Coaches”. Any sales person who uses a “Consulting Close” on sales can come and learn from coaches, how to increase their closing rate by thinking like a Coach.

Come and learn how much fun it is, and how much flexibility you have, and learn how to get Guaranteed Speaking Gigs.

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I've collected your coaching lifestyle feedback and I want to share it with you!

Attention Bay Area Coaches Meetup Group:

I asked the Coaches who signed up for our Bay Area Coaches Meetup what they most wanted
and needed in their practice.

Virtually every single one of you responded that you love helping people, but are frustrated by your attempts at
getting new clients, and you want to make more sales, and get higher paying clients, or overcome a “dreaded fear of selling" or making more sales (for a variety of reasons). And you want to learn how to retain Clients longer, and have more fun doing so and more time in your life.

What I am about to tell you, you cannot get anywhere else.

Candidly, as a 25 year coach myself, that has never been a problem for me, so I realized that me me to build
a happy, thriving coaching community, I need to be the one to teach other coaches the simple, proven selling system I started using 25 years ago and have fined tuned (thanks to technology) to the point where they will for ANY coach: FAST and affordable. If you know about it.

I am unveiling what I believe is the perfect solution for coaches, who like me need to make a unique sale if they wish to see their business grow and prosper over the upcoming months and years. The following is what I will be teaching at our upcoming Meetup in September at the Walnut Creek Library,
and for those who can’t make this Meetup In-Person: Here is where you can join my free Teleclass on this topic:


Learn how I earned over $1 Million Dollars a Year, for many years, as an Independent Professional Sales Consultant, using a simple technique that you can begin using immediately, as soon as tomorrow

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Coaches, Let Us Help You Make More Sales, Even If you Dread Selling.

- Overcome Any Fear of Success that is Causing Your Growth Resistance.
- Start Selling Faster, Gaining More Customers, and Higher Paying Customers.
- Accomplish this with a Proven Formula Easier than You Ever Thought Possible.
- This Information Will Help You, Whether You have a Brand New Startup Project, or if you are a veteran coach like me!
- Imagine the Perfect Army of Sales Clones Created in Your Public Image and Who Will Start Selling Faster for You Tomorrow!

From the “Consciousness Trainings” over the years, which I started in New York City 1972, I’ve learned that many things we grope with, and dread in the dark of night, and may feel to us like the weight of the world on our shoulders, are actually nothing more than mere soap bubbles that can be confronted in the light of day, and popped like the bubbles they are (now with the help of of technology), never to worry us so again. When you KNOW you can conquer something, then it’s no big deal, right?

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at our September Meetup in Walnut Creek, or learn more from
our free TeleClass right now.

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Please contact me with any questions.
Mike Hayes, Group Organizer
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