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We are a community dedicated to supporting each other as we learn and share our experiences as we value fulfillment.

We know life is to be enjoyed and are celebrating our journey as we remember how lucky and wonderful we are.

Beth and Peter bring our expertise as individuals and a married couple (33 years) who have achieved deeply fulfilling success while encountering and overcoming numerous obstacles along our way. We wish to share this hard-earned knowledge with you and enable you to find your own solutions as well.

These days, many are distracted by and focused solely on profits and 'making it' in their life, business or career.
"Is that all there is?" is what many ask.
"Is there a better way ... or a way that leaves me with the deep feeling of satisfaction that I hear is available to me?"

In this community, we provide a space for you to discover answers for yourself. One of our fundamentals is You Can Choose. With that as a basis, we know there is many versions of the truth and each of us is on our own path.

We employ philosophical, transformational, and heaps of appreciation in our approach.

We do the following types of events:
1. Educational & Community events.
2. Networking events.
3. Social events from time to time.
4. and much more.

Please join us
Beth and Peter Bostwick, Organizers

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Mindful Career Design


Are you looking for a more fulfilling career? Do you want to be more aligned with the work you do? If so, join us for this highly interactive mini-workshop. We will introduce you to some tools to help you get more of what you want in your career. We will show you how to gain clarity and eliminate resistance. Design the career you want and get it. The only thing getting in your way is you. Many of us want to change where we're working. We want more opportunities, more money, or more challenges. Whatever you want, bring it to the mini-workshop where we will show you how to get out of your way so you can get it. This mini-workshop is about making your career design and discovery easier and more effective - a new paradigm and new way of thinking around your career approach. Focus on what you want and eliminate resistance. We will cover: - Learn how to get what you want - Get out of your own way - Know the power of your thinking Speaker’s bio: Beth and Peter Bostwick are Silicon Valley veterans who founded, ran and had a multi-million dollar exit. Their company pioneered the self-service micro-market concept that is now being adopted by Amazon for their Go convenient store. While running the company, they encountered many challenges. From that experience, they learned that our thoughts matter and we can choose them. While not easy, we can overcome many of the obstacles we face by using the power of choice. Just as the Bostwick’s overcame depression, multiple sclerosis, and near bankruptcy, we are all much more powerful than we realize and give ourselves credit for.

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