• Building an Engaging Power BI Report

    Online event

    Brendan Phan will show you how to maintain multiple bookmarks, buttons, and visuals in a Power BI report. You'll also see how to allow slicers and filters to persist. Coherently applying all these things together helps builds a creative report that is easy to navigate for the end-users. Although these things may seem simple to the end-user, there are many steps to applying different features in Power BI.

    This is a follow up to Chennie Teng's "How to Build An Interactive Power BI Report" presentation.*

    You will learn how to:
    • Build a more engaging report using buttons and bookmarks
    • Use advanced techniques to allow slicers and report page filters to persist when switching between bookmarks
    • Use the selection pane to hide specific visuals and slicers
    • Combine the selection pane, bookmarks, and buttons to display specific visuals

    Brendan Phan is a Report Developer at DesignMind. He focuses on developing Power BI reports and dashboards.

    Watch "How To Build an Interactive Power BI Report" https://youtu.be/9CA-bKvdpfo

  • Demystifying Power BI Datasets with Peter Myers

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    Learn about Power BI Datasets with Aussie Peter Myers