Planning and Building Certified Data Sets in Power BI


VIRTUAL ONLY: Join Zoom meeting at 7:00 pm PST

Optional audio by phone: [masked] US (San Jose)

Power BI expert Brian Grant will join us from Portland to talk about Certified Data Sets - the future of Enterprise Power BI. Certified Data Sets offer a single source of truth that can easily be used by report authors across workspaces and even outside of Power BI. However, getting them to flourish can be tricky.

Approaches that were perfectly fine in a regular data set can become a ticking time bomb, and knowing the right process will save you time down the road. Brian will explain what Certified Datasets are, and what changes need to be made to a regular dataset to get it ready for certified enterprise use.

You will learn:

* How to best enable a single source of truth in Power BI
* What “Certified Dataset” means and how it works
* How to certify a data set (what to do and not to do)

Brian Grant is a Senior Analytics Consultant at CSG Pro. He is a masterful Analytics Consultant at CSG Pro by day, and a Power BI legend by night. Brian's passion for Power BI has led him to holistically master the tool from all three perspectives: M, DAX, and the visualization layer. He also has a passion for teaching and is constantly uploading new material to YouTube, blogging, and leading Power BI training sessions for clients.