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Are you priced out of Bay Area real estate investments but hate to see your hard earned capital sit on the sidelines?

Do you want to build long term streams of cashflow without the hassles that come with property management?

Or do you want to buy properties for your portfolio at a discount before all of the usual competition drives prices up?

If so then mortgage note investing might be for you.

Mortgage note investing is a lesser known niche in real estate investing where instead of buying and managing a property, you buy a promissory note and mortgage and collect the debt owed on the property.

Instead of being the home owner you can be the bank.

And when you're the bank you can benefit from all of the different exit strategies that routinely benefit banks including loan reinstatement, loan modification, discounted early payoff, and foreclosure/deed in lieu to name a few.

Come network with other note investors in the Bay Area and learn how to:

• Put your financial future in your own hands by investing in Main Street and not Wall Street

• Use a self directed IRA to to diversify your retirement into real estate tax free

• Make a profit while helping good people stay in their homes

• Buy notes at a discount so you can build a long term stream of income or grow your rental portfolio

• Collect mailbox money without the hassles of tenants, toilets, or termites

There's always something new to learn in the world of note investing so note investors of all skill levels are welcome to join us to learn how note investing can be profitable, challenging, and fun!

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Note Investor Networking @ Hyatt Regency

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