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Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment in which Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered people and their straight supporters can learn, practice, and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor/nature related sports whether you're completely new to an activity or a seasoned veteran. We sponsor 2-10+ events per month, ranging across a wide array of outdoor sports - hiking, rock climbing (indoor and outdoor), camping, backpacking, mud runs, zip lines, kayaking, white water rafting, skydiving, paragliding, 4-season mountaineering, skiing/boarding, canyoneering, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snow/ice climbing, scuba - if it's an outdoor sport we're all over it!

The goal is to make new friends while enjoying the beautiful bay area outdoors and to get some great exercise to boot (pun intended)! All ages, races, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, etc. are welcome.

We are continually told by new members that our group is incredibly friendly and supportive - for example one new member told us "hands down, the friendliest and most supportive group of hikers I have ever hiked with. I particularly like the way everyone cheers when someone finishes the hike." This exemplifies our core values and principles - providing a safe, fun, friendly, and supportive environment for individuals of all experience and skill levels.

Ever want to try out backpacking? Give mountaineering or rock climbing a try? Jump out of an airplane? Climb mountains all over the world? Learn how to scuba dive? Or just go on some fantastic local hiking and camping trips with great people? If so, you've found your peeps! Events and hikes will occur in the North Bay, East Bay, SF, South Bay, and from time to time other places in California and the world, depending on conditions, time of year, what we're doing, etc. All events include a complete description of what to expect in terms of length of event, difficulty, and scenery, so there should only be good surprises!

Feel free to bring friends, family, etc. however we do ask that you RSVP to all events with the names and number joining us so that we make sure we don't leave anyone behind in the parking lot. Group members also have access to a variety of discounts from our sponsors, ranging from hiking gear to athletic classes and more.

This is also a great way to get in shape - we've had people join us that were total beginners who are now doing 5 day, 50+ mile backpacking trips, and smiling the whole time! Our number one priority is always safety - no member left behind, no unsafe actions, nothing but a 100% totally supportive environment.

We are always looking for members with strong skill sets in one or more areas combined with great people skills to join our Leadership Team. The amazing diversity of the type of events we hold is reflective of the diversity of interests of our Leadership Team Members. Feel free to ask for more information if you are so inclined!

Come out and join us, we’re having a blast!

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Henry Coe State Park - 2 Night Backpacking Trip

Henry Coe State Park - Hunting Hollow Entrance


Hello Backpackers! This will be a nice 2 night/3 day romp through Henry Coe State Park over Memorial Day Weekend, and is open to a total of 8 backpackers. This event is suitable for first time backpackers provided you can comfortably hike 8 miles per day carrying a full pack. We'll head out Saturday morning, returning around 2pm on Monday. Costs are $12 per person ($5 night per person, plus $2 per person for a new group map I purchased) plus $8/night per vehicle (so carpool). This is an IDEAL training event for those doing Kilimanjaro in July. All attendees are expected to sign up for shared gear (via our sign up sheet that will be sent around). Members may bring 1 guest, we can have a total of 8 attendees. One of my favorite things about this trip is that there will be swimming opportunities each day of the trip. I would definitely recommend bringing something to swim in. The last night of our trip (Sunday night) we'll have a backpacker's dinner party - gourmet dinner, desserts, and libations. Day One - Meet at Dowdy Visitor Center, pay fees, get to know each other and discuss safety and other group protocols, on the trail by 10:30. We'll hike about 7.5-8 miles to Coit Lake, where we'll camp both nights. Along the way we'll traverse several ridges affording us great views for most of the hike in. We'll stop along the way for lunch, and arrive at camp most likely around 3-4pm, and we'll camp very close to the lake. Lounge around camp, swim, read a book, etc. SUCH a great swimming lake, last time Alex and myself swam the entire perimeter of the lake (1 hour!). Day Two - 8 mile round trip day hike to Pacheco Falls. It'll be a much easier hike as we'll just be out for the day, so we'll be carrying much less. Pacheco Falls is the biggest waterfall in the park, and is a great place to hang out, spend the day, swim, and have a picnic. Figure we'll get to Pacheco Falls by noon at the latest, and spend most of the day there before heading back. It's a 2 hour walk each way. When we get back to camp we'll have our backpacker's gourmet dinner - all in all, a great day. Day Three - head back to the vehicles, 7.5-8 miles. Should be back by 4 at the latest, assuming a leisurely pace. Distance: 25ish miles over 3 days Difficulty: Moderately difficult on a backpacker's scale Notes: Swimming holes, waterfalls, ridgelines

Mt Kilimanjaro (19,341'), Tsavo Park, & East African Cultural Expedition

Ok - here it is, the trip of a lifetime guided by someone who knows the language, culture, and people very well (myself). We've done big trips before, but this will be by far the biggest. We'll be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak as well as exploring Tsavo National Park in Kenya, and getting to sample East Africa's wonderful people, culture, food, and language. Please don't sign up unless you are serious about committing at least 2 weeks and have the funds for a trip like this. As we get closer I will require a non-refundable $1,000 per person fee for this event, which is not inclusive of any other incurred expenses. This event is open to 15 attendees. Members may bring 1 guest. Sign up now to reserve your spot, and don't worry if you are on the waiting list - I'll do my best to accommodate everyone. Here's the story - I have 2 Kenyan sons and will likely be living more than 1/2 time in Kenya by the time this trip occurs as I have started a social enterprise organization in Kenya. My sons and likely several Kenyan friends will be with us during this trip. As such, this affords our members an experience money can't buy - a real honest, local experience. That being said, it's not cheap. Expect to spent $5,000 at least all told on this trip (airfare, climbing/porter fees, guides, travel, lodging, etc.). Day to day costs are low, as food/transportation, etc is much cheaper there (other than climbing permits and airfare). I don't and have never traveled like a tourist, and you won't be either. You'll be eating where the locals eat, staying at hotels where Africans stay, etc. If you are looking for a high end, luxury experience look elsewhere. The best part of this trip will be its legitimacy, an opportunity to learn about another culture in a shared experience with locals. At the start of this trip, we'll meet in Kenya and spend a few days getting to know East African culture. I will teach everyone enough basic Swahili during the first few days that it will make it easier to get around, and you'll get a much friendlier reception than the average tourist does. We'll start by spending time in Nairobi enjoying the big city experience Kenyan style, including Nairobi's bumping nightlife, learning about the Maasai people, and visiting a local LGBT refugee organization, Team No Sleep Foundation to learn about the realities of LGBT life in Africa and purchase beautiful handmade bags, curtains, clothes, etc. that are made in support of Team No Sleep. After Nairobi we'll head to Moshi, Tanzania, to climb Kilimanjaro. This will take 7days/6 nights days to climb as we must go up slowly to acclimate to the elevation. DO train for this event, or you won't make it - the mountain has about a 70% success rate. Though we have porters who carry tents and most gear and there is gear needed, this is a big mountain with real consequences. After Kilimanjaro we'll head back to Kenya for a 3 day safari trip to see The Great Migration in Masai Mara Game Reserve - often regarded as the best wildlife reserve in the entire world. This truly is an East African experience that few people other than locals ever get to experience. Bring a sense of adventure, a camera, and more than anything else a respectful, friendly attitude.

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Mt. Umunhum: 7.7 miles, 1200 ft elevation

Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve Mt Umunhum Rd Parking Lot

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