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Did you know there are over 40,000 Disney Princess products being marketed to kids today? Does this notion make you uneasy?

We are a network of concerned parents who refuse to buy into today's media-saturated, commercialized version of childhood. Let's get together and create a community that helps our kids grow up with multiple definitions of what it means to be a girl or boy with their creativity, compassion, and self-esteem in tact.

Join us for unstructured play groups, parenting discussions, parent nights out, advocacy, and activism!

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Whale watch in December
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I have been here for over a year but have yet to see whales. Don't know if this interests anyone else but if yes, please join us! Or if you have good whale watching tips, please share! http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/24317/files/2009%20Whale%20Watching%20in%20State%20Parks.pdf

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Wanderer's Way

East Bay Waldorf School

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