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What is a philosovert you ask ? It's a person who on one hand lives on the more introverted side but on the other still loves to discuss all kinds of topics with other folks. I have found that introverts more often than not have strong opinions about stuff but don't necessarily share them because they feel overwhelmed by "extrovies". I personally have a hard time discussing boring things like sports or cars since I simply cannot contribute anything. Yes, I'm that guy who brings up that one topic "one does not talk about at a party" simply because it interests me. I wanted to create an environment for folks who feel similar to meet and leisurely talk without pressure to be anything other than yourself.

Here some points to help you decide whether this group might be for you :

* You tend to be more introverted and therefore might have a harder time socializing than others

* You don't know how to talk about the weather and hate having to try

* When you do socialize you quickly gravitate towards more grave topics for example :

Does everybody deserve happiness simply as a birthright ? Even bad people ?

Do things happen for a reason or is it all just totally random ? If yes then why bother since it's all predefined anyway. If no then why bother since it's all random anyway.

There are tests for just about anything except having children - why ?

True freedom - can it exist ? Is it a recipe for chaos ?

Our ability to be self-aware : Blessing or curse ?

Having to learn a foreign language in your own country to get better job offers - unfair or a simple matter of
"more skillz better job" ?

* You get bored quickly if you're not fully engaged in a conversation

* You have been asked more than once in your life "Why are you questioning that ? Let it be what it is !" but that just doesn't gel with you.

* You are looking for a group that meets on weekends.

Here some hints to tell you that this group might not be for you. Please read this.

* This is not a regular Philosophy meetup. Plenty of those already exist. While our discussions tend to be drawn into that direction, Philosophy is not a requirement. You have (or are working on) a Philosophy degree and are looking for a highly academic environment with other students. Please don't take this as "we don't welcome Philosophy degrees" - quite the opposite but be aware that this group is not targeted to this specific audience so you might feel "under challenged" from an academic perspective.

* You get offended easily and take things personally.

Important notes !

I only have 50 slots for this group so occasionally I will remove members who have never shown up in order to give new people a chance. As long as the meetup is full new members will have to wait a bit before I can accept them. Just a logistical measure. I strongly recommend the following approach:

1. Join

2. Show up to the next meetup

3. Be courteous and leave the group if it is not to your liking. This way you make room for new members and you don't have to be removed.

Secondly, the venue doesn't accept individual checks so if you want to eat something please bring cash !

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