What we're about

The Bay Area Real Estate Buy & Hold Investors Group meets for education and networking meetings. Our meetings are FREE. We meet in Silicon Valley, in Sunnyvale.

Our specialty is positive cash flow in the Bay Area. If you are an investor, landlord, broker, mortgage lender, fund manager, HR specialist, relocation specialist, or recruiter, you are welcome to join our group.

Use the housing shortage in the Bay Area to your advantage. Learn how to manage your rental property creatively for more cash every month. Learn how to land 12-month leases with large corporate clients at a premium. Partner with other investors to create your own cash cow.

If you’re tired of hearing the same advice - "Don't invest here! It's too expensive." If you would like to have your investment close to home, you’re not alone. Meet fellow Real Estate Buyers and Investors near you who are successfully investing in buy and holds in Silicon Valley. Come to a local Real Estate Investors Meetup to discuss properties on the market, contracts, mortgages, service providers, property management, and anything else about local real estate. All are welcome!

At our meetings guest speakers discuss topics such as:
• Getting Started with Corporate Rentals
• Creating Higher Cash Flow from Existing Properties
• Commercial property secrets
• Forging Partnerships with Large Corporations
• Saving Taxes
• Creative Financing
• Finding the Right Partner
• Fortune Building Formulas
• Eliminating Negative Cash Flow
• Equity Sharing
• Revenue Sharing
• Landlording Secrets
• Negotiating to Win
• Structuring Transactions Creatively
• Using Other People's Money
• Retirement Strategies
• Risk Mitigation Through Diversification

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Bay Area Buy and Hold Investors Meetup

ELF Homes Conference Center

Commercial Real Estate Financing: What You NEED To Know

ELF Homes Conference Center

Social event - Live band with dancing

Quarter Note Bar & Grill

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