Building chatbots that scale using machine learning and open source

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Justina Petraitytė (Rasa, will give a talk on an open-source AI framework Rasa has created for developers looking to build Conversational AI systems from the ground up. Food and drinks will be provided when the doors open at 6:30PM, doors close at 7:00PM sharp, and the talk begins at 7:00PM. No attendees will be able to enter the building after 7:00PM, so arrive early! Interested in presenting your work at a future Bay Area Research in NLP and ML Meetup? Click here:

Abstract of Justina's talk:
AI assistants are getting a great deal of attention from the industry as well as the research. However, the majority of assistants built to this day are still developed using a state machine and a set of rules. That doesn’t scale in production. In this talk, Justina will introduce you to two open source frameworks developed by Rasa - Rasa NLU and Rasa Core, which enable developers to create AI assistants solely based on real conversational data and machine learning. During this talk, you will learn about the machine learning behind these libraries and what is the process of building clever assistants using Rasa frameworks.

About Justina:
Justina is a Developer Advocate at Rasa where she focuses on developer education, growing the Rasa open source community and making sure that developers have the resources and tools to build great AI assistants with Rasa. She has a background in Econometrics and has been working as a Data Scientist in the video games industry for a few years before joining Rasa.

About this Meetup group:
Organized by the AI team at Mya Systems, this Meetup group is looking to bring together people testing and iterating novel approaches for potential applications in Artificial Intelligence. Come network, listen to what folks are working on, and learn from interactive sessions with experts in NLP & ML.

About Mya Systems:
Founded in 2012, Mya Systems brings deep learning and NLP expertise together to disrupt the recruiting operational model. See more at