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We are a community dedicated to elevating sales and business results exponentially for all of us. We believe that exponential sales is possible with the right training, education, support, and collaboration.

In this group you will gain the following:

1. High quality training, coaching, and educational events designed to boost your sales performance whilst reducing stress.

2. High quality super networking events to put into practice your sales tools and strategies that you learn from me.

3. Collaborative opportunities to partner with visionaries and others like you who are ambitious, friendly, generous, but serious about generating sales and profits for others and themselves.

Please join our community as soon as possible.

To learn more about me check my Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronhori/

See you very soon,
Ron Hori
Meetup Organizer

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Start Your Business With Three Steps to Concrete Business Results in 12 Months

This Meetup event will be hosted my friend and mastermind partner Sandra Hughes. If there is a waiting list, please get on it right away. We will be marketing through many channels so the RSVPs here will not reflect the total expected. We will opening up more spaces closer to the event date and you will be automatically notified when spaces open up. What you will gain from this event: 1) The 3 biggest challenges / blind-spots when starting or growing your business. 2) Solutions to resolve those challenges and to move you forward. 3) The emotional, psychological and logistical obstacles and barriers to growing or starting a business. 4) How to resolve these challenges with a plan to move forward Please RSVP soon to reserve your spot. See you soon! Sandra Organizer, Business Strategist & Mentor

January Networking - New Year, New Opportunities, New connections

If there is a waiting list, please RSVP to join it asap. We will be marketing to other channels. We will open up more spaces closer to the date & time of the event. Welcome to the business networking event! This event will bring together entrepreneurs, professionals, small business owners and other people looking to collaborate for new opportunities. The Marriott is generously extending happy hour to our guests this evening! Come by and have a snack and a drink while you: ** Meet and connect with other professionals, leaders and super networkers. ** Gain strategic Ideas for business growth. ** We will introduce you to other people. Our motto is "Nobody stands by themself". We look forward to connecting with you!. Please RSVP as soon as possible . Ron Hori, Organizer Sales Trainer, Sales Coach, Speaker https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronhori/ Sunil Bhaskaran, Sandra Hughes, & Luci Gabel Co-organizers

New Year 2019 - Start Fast & Finish Strong to Transform Your Sales Results

The speaker at this Meetup will be Ron Hori. Ron is a sales trainer, sales coach, and speaker. If there is a waiting list, please RSVP to get on the waiting list asap. We will be marketing this event through many channels. We will open up more spaces as we get closer to the event date and time. You will be alerted if your seat is confirmed for the event. January 2019 is the time to start the New Year with energy and momentum to carry you thru the next 12 months. This meeting will give you the mindset and tools to make 2019 your best year ever! What you will learn: * How to Think Like a Top Producer * 3 Steps to Grow any business * The Number One Best Lead Generation Strategy * A Proven 7 step System to make more sales * The Level 10 Mindset to maximize your Performance & Results Who this is for: * Account Execs and Sales Reps: financial advisor, insurance, real estate, solar, etc * Consultants, Coaches * Small Business Owners, Business development * Entrepreneurs, Startups * Network marketing leaders Bring paper and pen to take notes. "A short pencil is better than a long memory." RSVP soon to secure your seat. Ron Hori, Organizer Sales Trainer, Sales Coach, Speaker https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronhori/ Sunil Bhaskaran, Luci Gabel, Sandra Hughes - co-organizers

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