What we're about

We are a community of professionals and entrepreneurs learning about
franchising as a great option for business ownership.
Franchising gives you the option for a turn-key, systematized business that models or replicates
success in your locality - potentially avoiding and lowering risk to you whilst giving
you and your family the options for more free time, a desired lifestyle, income, wealth and equity.

We are primarily committed to educating you about the world of franchising.
Education is key to learning how to build a business and we believe that educating you in franchising will
give you an option that you and your family will appreciate.

In our events, we will provide the following:
1. GET EDUCATED: Educational events to show you how to evaluate franchises and start one at lower risk.
2. GET SUPPORT: Hand-holding support to show you how it can be done and to make decisions easier as you learn at your pace.
3. CONNECT & LEARN: Our networking events will give you opportunities to connect with more people who are like you or more experienced to learn from.

Our members include
1. Current career professionals who are thinking of or wishing to transition to a business and have little or no experience in business.
2. Current entrepreneurs who are thinking of or wishing to transition to a more tried and trusted business model.
3. Others who are curious about how to use such a model to create income, security and flexibility of time.

We want to make a difference with this community and
give you options for more wealth, freedom and flexibility.

We want to teach and share the secrets of franchising as a business option - one that can free you up from:
1. The drudgery of an uninspiring job.
2. The frustrations of company politics.
3. The uncertainty of your current business.
4. The lack of security that goes along with working for someone else.
5. The lack of free time for yourself and your family...
and much more.

Having a systematized business (e.g. franchise) makes the transition to business more straight-forward.
We look forward to meeting you.

Please Join Our Group ASAP.
Barb and Ken Westmorelend, Organizers.

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Business Ownership with Less Stress and More Freedom

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