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TYPO3 meetup - Getting started with TYPO3

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This will be our second meeting and will be held at the Hacker Dojo.

There will be a getting started with TYPO3 session. So if you are new to TYPO3 please come and we will be doing introductory tours and questions and answers geared towards people new to TYPO3.

- Greetings and Introductions
- Getting started with TYPO3 - An introduction to TYPO3
8:00 - 8:45 - TBD -Please go to the discussion to see the possibilities: (
8:45 - Wrap-up

Please read the discussion and let us know what you would like to cover at the meeting. [ (]

Please bring someone new to TYPO3 with you and lets all make an extra effort to welcome them to the TYPO3 community!