What we're about

This group is for Warhammer 40k gamers in and around the Bay Area.

Our goal is to organize games and enjoy this fantastic hobby. Use the Discussion Page at https://www.meetup.com/Bay-Area-Warhammer-40K-Gamers/discussions/ to suggest a meetup so you can reach out and find other players.

Meetups can be small games, large games, casual games, painting or terrain building sessions, tournaments, conventions, whatever you wish to suggest we do.

We play 5th edition rules. The best ruleset ever! These books are available on Ebay and we have copies you can use as well.

Visit http://www.40klordsofwar.com/5thed.html to see exactly what books you need.

At a minimum, you'll want to acquire 1) a copy of the rulebook and 2) the codex for your army. You'll also need dice, tape measure, templates and models of course.

New players are welcome to use our materials (even models!) to get started so you can start gaming with us right away.

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Saturday Slaughter!

Needs a location

Hammer Time!

Needs a location

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