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You should join this group if...

1. You are a young Patriot living in the liberal Republik Bay Area of California-stan.

2. You feel isolated at times because you see through the B.S. brainwashing from the Deep State and everyone else around you #iswithHer, on the deranged bandwagon, and is willingly handing over their Constitutional rights.

3. You follow Qanon and support our POTUS and you think you are the only person under 40 that does.

4. Your best friend is your Dad because he is the only person that has the same beliefs and is just as passionate about Q updates & exposing the agenda as you are. (maybe that's just me 😳😂)

5. You really want to connect with people your age and have intriguing discussions about all our "conspiracies theories".

6. You know something feels off in the world and you can't quite put your finger on what it is or you're wondering what this Qanon thing is, this is the group for you.

I'm a 29 year old female living in the East Bay and since I started following Qanon in December, I have become more awakened to this critical deep state war. It's not conservative vs liberal, Democrat vs Republican, or Black vs White, etc... This is Good vs Evil. I have found myself feeling pushed further and further away from many of my friends and family. I feel the divide within my own community and I am desperate to find people my age who think like I do. We are the silent majority and since we are purposely being silenced, there is a sense of detachment that comes with it. Let's unite and know we ARE NOT ALONE!

Moderates, conservatives, libertarians, gay, straight, bi, IT DOESN'T MATTER, but if you are awakened and consider yourself a young Patriot, then please, let's get together, grab drinks, go on hikes, and create our own community of like-minded individuals!


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