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Rebirthing Breathwork workshop
Rebirthing Breathwork workshop Mastering Resilience to Live a Creative and Peaceful Life with Breathwork Sunday, July 22nd @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm Mastering Resilience to Live a Creative and Peaceful Life! Breathwork, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation with Mahendra Briksha Fee: $30-$50 RSVP is absolutely required. E-mail: [masked] or call[masked] Using the power of breath, and visualization, we will explore the nature and origin of stress. We will discover how stress affects our life force and hence wellness, how to reduce it, and how to develop resilience to cope with stress. These strategies will allow us to create more spaciousness, energy, strength, and flexibility in our bodies, hearts, and minds. In addition to discussing the above topics, along with full one hr of conscious connected Breathwork, we will practice: ~ very simple, slow movements to open and release tightness in the body ~ various types of deep breathing ~ relaxation techniques ~ guided visualization and meditation

Yoga Society of San Francisco

2872 Folsom Street · San Francisco, CA


What we're about

‘The source of all objective light is sun. Similarly, the source of all subjective light and life is consciousness, “I-AM”. You cannot separate the sun rays from the sun. You are one with existence.’- Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati

‘Yoga means union, the union of individual existence with the cosmic existence, union of individual “I-am” with the cosmic “ I-Am”. …..Yoga is the holistic way of life where union and harmony of the body, the mind, and the soul or consciousness, ‘I-Am” are fundamental.’ -- Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati (From What is Yoga)

A Journey to I-AM

This meet up is about self-exploration, self purification, self analysis and self Knowledge to know who Am I? Why i am here? What is my Purpose? What role i am playing in the evolution of Consciousness and how?
Together with various practice and dialogue we will explore for our Evolutionary (Temporal) as well as Non-temporal SELF (Atman).

This meet up is an exploration of Art of Happy and Harmonious living by evolving and awakening on the ground of our true self (I-Am) based on spiritual teaching of Sri Brahamananda Sarsavati-founder and Guru of YSSF. Sri Aurobindo and Mother and many more modern as well as ancient masters.

To practice and educate ourselves to live creative, harmonious and evolutionary life as a light of pure Consciousness (I-AM) and be a server and channel of Divine in the midst of busy life.

1. More and More meditating, contemplating, evolving and awakening in I-Am as I-Am, and bringing light of I-Am forward into body-mind, guiding our actions, speech and thoughts by the light of I-Am (True Self)
2. Cultivating Skills and confidence in sharing/practicing .
3. Understanding the value of conscious and correct breathing, opening and balancing subtle energy center (Chakra) and channels (Nadis)
4. Opening and clearing the heart from gasping tendencies, cultivating forgiveness, love, letting go and acceptance
5. Living mindfully, vigilant and stress free life, learning to manage stress and awaken the inner healer by practicing deep relaxation and body –mind connection (Yoga Nidra)
6.Living Principle (Dharma)- centered life cultivating peace, creativity and harmony with oneself, other and the world.
7. Evolutionary and creative participation with the Divine force (Shakti) on the ground of I-Am (Karma yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jhana Yoga), continuously offering oneself to Divine, freeing from the grasp of Ego
8. Mastering restless mind Currently this meet up meet us every Wednesday at 8.15pm-9.30pm at Yoga Society of SF (
meeting venue: Upstair at Sanskrit Room

This Circle is facilitated by Briksha Mahendra

Facilitator Bios


Original form Himalaya, lives and serves as board member in Yoga Society of SF, Brahmananda Ashram.
Briksha Mahendra combines Integral Insights, Hindu Yogic practices, and Buddhist wisdom in his teaching. He is a Yogi, a Certified Integral Coach, a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner, as well as a Raw Vegan Chef and Healthy Lifestyle Educator. He has been teaching Yoga, guided meditation, and stress-free, healthy lifestyle classes since 2005. He is a longtime student of Yoga and Vipassana meditation practitioner and has done several long silent retreats up to 30 days. He is a graduate of the Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga Research Center, Bangalore (Vivekananda Yoga Research Center), and 200 hrs of teacher training in Bhakti flow and holds a certificate in Integral Yoga from the California Institute of Integral Studies. .By using various tools and techniques of Integral Yoga, meditation and breathowrk and coaching, he creates a powerful environment to explore the journey of this mysterious Human life. Briksha's main mission in sharing his skills, experience, and training is to aid in awakening and evolving in our vreative and true self. Briksha invites us to pray and practice together to awake in our true nature, bringing more love, light, and wisdom to the World. To contact email brikshala(at)
to know more about his work go to

Core offering of the Training:
~ Developing aspiration, trust and intention to explore who Am I?
Bring mindfulness in day-to-day actions, posture, breathing and thinking to lead a happy and healthy life
~Cultivating health consciousness through conscious thinking, eating breathing, relaxing and breathing
~Ability to live a conscious life informed and guided by integral yogic wisdom, applying various dimension of life!

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