Social Business [Social CRM+Enterprise 2.0] startups showcase.

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I have been asked by many to give them a feel on new exciting tools and technologies in Social Business [Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0] space.

Here it is - the event you have been waiting for!

Social Business StartUps Showcase.

Here are some of the presenters of our Social Business [Social CRM and Enterprise 2.] startups showcase:

Nimble (

Nimble is a Web Based SaaS platform that helps small businesses attract and retain customers by enabling their team to work more effectively together and stay top of mind with their prospects and customers. Nimble was designed to enable small business to attain the same benefits larger companies have achieved with their CRM strategies without the associated costs and complexities. Nimble CRM combines the power of relationship management, unified conversations/communications, social media tools, and team Collaboration under one roof. Nimble keeps you and your team organized and allows more effective communications between your company and its contacts from one centralized SaaS platform regardless of what they are using: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, IM, text message or email.


Jon Ferrara, Nimble CEO and Founder, is long-time CRM veteran who founded and ran award-winning GoldMine Software, an early pioneer in the CRM market until it was acquired in 1999. He understands small businesses sales/marketing needs and knows how to create solutions to meet them, channel strategies to implement them and viral branding to maintain awareness. As a veteran, Ferrara can speak what Social CRM needs to become in the Web 3.0 world. After living in the Small Business trenches for twenty years he understands CRM and the SMB market better than anyone.


eCairn (

eCairn Inc. is a privately held software technology company, founded in October 2006. We specialize in community and influencers marketing and differentiate in "who matters". Our headquarters are in Los Gatos, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our founders have a cumulative experience of 50+ years in e-marketing, knowledge engineering, collaborative filtering, linguistics, software development and software engineering at well known companies such as Hewlett Packard, Sun, Xerox, eBay and Motorola.


Laurent Pfertzel
COO and Co-founder of eCairn.


Synopsis of Crisp Social Analytics Platform (

Crisp's NetModerator Platform is automated moderation and social analytical technology, which has been deployed to date, predominantly in the online gaming sector to detect, track, report and action on anti-social behaviour including spamming, gold farming, bullying and online grooming. However, it can also be used to track sentiment (both positive and negative) in and across all online social environments including; blogs, Twitter, Facebook, review sites, and brand specific UGC communities and we will soon be releasing our new product “Crisp Social Analytics Platform”.

Crisp’s Social Analytics Platform is different from other Social CRM technology as it enables:
- Real-time interactivity with the user - you can track sentiment right down to an individual level and are able to interact with that user automatically where needed.
- Real-time contextual-based sentiment data - It helps companies discover not only what people are thinking today but tracks their sentiment over time. All profiling is active and dynamic.


Peter Maude – CTO & Founder

Peter has worked as the lead software architect on a number of major online games and virtual worlds including Dubit where he developed its ground-breaking GAML platform, the first mark up language for virtual worlds that allowed, for the first time, all actions and game content to be scripted.
As CTO of Crisp Thinking, Peter oversees the entire product development and architecture for all our solutions and forthcoming products. With expertise in systems integration, security, advanced web technologies, CRM and mobile applications, Peter is one of the UK’s leading software technologists.


StartUps interested in presenting have to fill out this form (

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See you then!!! And yes, of course we will have dinner and wine served for you!