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Bay Area Operations Management is professional network organization dedicated to sharing knowledge, ideas, best practices in area of Supply Chain management, Operations Management, Demand Forecasting, and IT applications. Its membership is open to people with experience in the subject matter and those interested to gain insights. Bay area operations management provides face to face forum for meeting contacts in the industry, learning and sharing.

As operating model, Bay Area Operations management has periodic presentations on relevant subjects, newsletter and announcements.

It organizes events for everyone interested in networking, building business relationships and learning professional success with industry leaders in Operation Management community.

The network provides knowledge source in production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing and logistics. Plus a great opportunity to build your career network.

We invite special speakers for each event to present industry insights, case studies and successful practices.

At this point the membership in Bay Area Operations Management is free. Most of events are also free for participants. The fee will be collected only to cover cost of paid speakers or facilities as approved by Organizer (Alex Rivlin).


Bay Area Operations Management's leadership consists of leadership council - Organizer - Alex Rivlin, and co-organizers- Bob Kotcher and Wendy Chen.

Roles and responsibilities:

Financial affairs:

Increase in membership and attendance fees have to be approved by Organizer.

The Bay Area Operations Management is not liable for any commitments made by anyone in the group, financial or otherwise.


Organizer and co-organizers can approve/decline membership.

This is spam-free network. Any commercial advertizement/spam automatically leads to terminating the membership and reporting to meetup.com

The legitimate job postings are not considered spam and are welcome. Organizers and co-organizers can define if posting is legitimate or not.

Organizer and co-organizers (any) can schedule events, post messages, and files.

Members can message to the individual members and the group.


All presentations are considered public knowledge. The content/slides may be posted to File section of Meetup.com

The presenter bears responsibility for ensuring that no proprietary/protected information is announced and published. Bay Area Operations Network bears no responsibility for the content of presentations and/or messages. Bay Area Operations Management provides no warranty for results of use of the materials posted or damages occurred.

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