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Gabriel Cousens: Live Foods Success, Spiritual Nutrition, Shaktipat Meditation

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Gabriel Cousens, MD discusses the many benefits of live food nutrition, including enzymes, phytonutrients, and bio-photons. Learn not only how live foods work therapeutically to cleanse and balance the body, but also how they can upgrade genetic expression to prevent disease and increase quality of life. Discover why live foods are the choice foods for those who desire enduring, radiant health.

Drawing on nearly 40 years of clinical expertise, Gabriel Cousens, M.D. presents the key to successful veganism. In a culture where plant-source-only nutrition comes under constant scrutiny and criticism from medical and media sources, Dr. Cousens provides a map for radiant health through veganism. A lucid discussion of the common pitfalls vegans face is balanced with practical guidelines for optimal health and longevity. In this talk Dr. Cousens will address B12, protein, low-glycemic foods, and more. Walk away from this lecture with a better understanding of how to get the most out of your live-food vegan diet.

Event information: 4:00 pm - Doors Open and Seating Begins 5:00 pm - Why Live Food 7:00 pm - Shaktipat Meditation 8:00 pm - Ceremony for Havdallah for all who wish to stay.

Fresh organic, vegan, and live-food will be available to order here from Lydia's Organics before and after this event.


This event's proceeds benefit Dr. Cousens and the Tree of Life Foundation's grassroots natural healing work in Nigeria and Ghana, and the operating of an Orphanage and Teaching Center in Nogales, México. At this center we train, free of charge, Mexican and Spanish speaking semi professionals and farm workers to be health educators in the phase one diet, veganism and diabetes prevention. Our goal is to provide health and nutrition for all people who otherwise could not afford it.