Red Rock Beach Cold Springs Educational Gathering, Fill-up + Beach Adventure

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Join Christian Bates ( and Bethanne Wanamaker ( for an educational presentation on the Do's and Don'ts of filling up your drinking water at Red Rock Beach Cold Springs, followed by a hike down to the beach for wading, sunbathing, and partying!

Red Rock Beach has 2 major springs: 1 public gushing spring on the big Shoreline Hwy parking lot, and 1 lower secret pyrite-encrusted spring that pours forth from the beach.

The Red Rock parking lot spring is for filling up (as much as your car can hold if you desire) and has been consumed by locals and travelers for decades. It is currently the only road-side spring in Marin county known to be clean, and the closest spring for most in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Check out Christian's Red Rock Spring Water Quality Analysis Report + Video. (

FYI, the post on Red Rock ( is a bit outdated. Since that post, the erosion around the spring has been cleaned up and filling up regularly is a much easier experience.

Christian and Bethanne have been drinking this water as their exclusive drinking water for 4 years. Many locals for 5 to 9+ years.

Come join us and bring your friends! Red Rock is a very valuable resource to know about, if not from which to drink exclusively.


Coordinates/Google Map:[masked],[masked] (,-122.62998500000003)

When driving north from Mill Valley, take Shoreline Hwy (Route 1) towards Stinson Beach for about 25 minutes. 1 mile shy of the town of Stinson Beach, parking lot and spring are on your right. Limited cell reception along the coast.

Please plan to arrive early to allow for weekend traffic. Educational presentation begins at 2:15.


* Jugs for filling up spring water (Note: Because there will be many attendees, you may have to wait your turn or wait until the end of the event to fill up large containers. Spring flows at about 1.5 gallons per minute.)

* Appropriate footwear for the 15 minute hike (a rocky slight decline) to the beach (Vibram Five Fingers are great, but flip flops will do.)

* A bathing suit for wading, body surfing and sunbathing (weather permitting) if you choose (Red Rock Beach is a small, hidden clothing-optional beach, so expect to see some nudie ultimate frisbee players. Your event hosts will remain clothed in bathing suits, and we invite you to bring a bathing suit as well.)

OPTIONAL: We (Christian & Bethanne) will be offering our mouth-watering low-glycemic raw superfood herbal smoothies for just $7! Please let us know when you RSVP if you'd like one so we know how much to bring. Smoothies will be served at the spring parking lot. Please pay with cash in person.

* We will also be offering Bethanne's Chocolate Goldies (, Christian's WildBar ( and Longevity Power products ( for sale.

COST: $10 (plus, $7+ cash upon arrival if you'd like the spring water based low-glycemic superfood smoothie to fuel your epic afternoon adventure!)

CHRISTIAN BATES is a Superfood Eco Lifestyle Expert, Raw Gourmet Chef, Formulator, Herbalist, and founder of Longevity Power ( For the past 10 years, he has been studying, living and teaching only the leading edge raw and Superfood health practices. He has never accepted “last year’s” methods. He knows that there is always a next step up in your health strategy and health results, and that there is always a solution if one’s health is in trouble. Christian is the co-creator of the WildBar, a Superfood-infused raw chocolate meal replacement bar that has been on natural food stores’ shelves nationally for over 6 years.

His deepest passion is to teach people how to eat and live in a way that is both completely delicious, really fun and densely healthful! Christian is now going full force as an exciting speaker, cacao party elixir bartender, and internet author for his blog, ( Keep up with him as he lays out the most uncompromised, highest quality, results-driven, outrageously fun conscious food lifestyle education ever presented!

BETHANNE WANAMAKER is the founder of Edible Goddess, Creator of the Chocolate Goldies (, and co-author of Superfood Beauty Elixirs ( She lives to inspires you to become the absolute best and healthiest expression of yourself! As a certified holistic nutrition educator, natural beauty & conscious lifestyle expert, and motivational health speaker, she teaches others how to activate their highest potential. Bethanne also hosts and chefs health & fitness retreats internationally that are based in her cutting edge nutrition and mindful living approach to well-being. Bethanne handcrafts raw, vegan, organic, wildcrafted, superfood & herbal infused holistic skin care (, beauty products, fudge chocolate & chocolate bars – the most epic, holistic creations ever! She has a passion for creating and teaching others how to make chocolate superfood desserts, herbal tonics and elixirs, scrumptious raw food creations, and homemade edible skincare.

Through her products (, coaching (, and engaging classes and events (, she offers valuable insight into the connection between mindful choices and discovering and living your dharma. Bethanne’s core message is to “Live as a healthy example of what’s possible, raise your standards and refuse to compromise them, don’t settle for less, and shine a guiding light on those you love to help them eliminate needless suffering.”

She is a regular contributor for the Conscious Divas ( and on MindBodyGreen (

“Declare your own glory. Recognize your power. Acknowledge your beauty. Admit your strengths. Give yourself credit. Live your truth. Play full out always. Revel in yourself. Celebrate YOU. Expect miracles daily. Shine out loud and be bright like the moon.” ~ Bethanne Wanamaker