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BioCurious - Identifying the genomic basis of human-specific traits

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BioCurious is hosting this event and thought we should post this here too.

Identifying the genomic basis of human-specific traits with Cory McLean

Price: $20/person

Cory will be talking about computational methods to identify human DNA changes that have led to the development of unique human traits.

Cory McLean, PhD, came from a purely computer science background. He began mostly theoretical CS in undergrad at MIT. Then he worked for two years in software development at Oracle after college. This was followed by attending Stanford for a CS PhD focused on computational biology, studying gene regulation within mammalian development and evolution in the lab of Gill Bejerano. He then did a postdoc at UCSF in the lab of Joseph Costello, where he worked on high-throughput sequencing data analysis and epigenetics in brain cancer. Cory is now at 23andMe, working as a computational biologist doing research in population genetics, whole genome sequencing in Parkinson's disease, and integrating microarray and sequencing data.