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Oct Dbl Header: PingCAPs "Intro to TiDB" & iXsystems "TrueOS as a build platform

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For October, we have a two for one treat, no tricks involved!

First up will be Kevin Xu from PingCAP presenting, "Introducing TiDB: an open-source MySQL compatible Distributed Database that Handles Hybrid Data Workloads"

His talk will introduce TiDB's architecture, technology, key use cases, a deep-dive user story with Mobike, one of the largest bikesharing platforms in the world, and a live demo of how to deploy TiDB in a cloud-native environment.

Next up to bat will be iXsystem's Kris Moorse to talk about, "Using TrueOS as a platform to build your own FreeBSD based project".

Over the course of 10 years working on various FreeBSD related projects, including PC-BSD, TrueOS, FreeNAS, TrueNAS I've discovered that they all end to have one thing in common. Each of them ends up implementing their own vastly different build-system. And this isn't unique to just iX projects, we've seen the same from most other FreeBSD vendors, large and small.

At the end of the day, everybody ends up wrapping the traditional 'buildworld' steps into some other framework which takes that output, builds some subset of the ports tree and then emits ISO and upgrade files. Enter package base. This got me thinking, is there some way the FreeBSD build system could be enhanced so that it was powerful enough, and also abstract enough to possibly allow vendors to avoid the hassle of having to all be re-inventing the wheel. This talk will cover some of the changes we've made in TrueOS which takes package base to the next level, and integrates a better user-defined JSON framework for defining build jobs of both base and ports software.



From PingCAP:
Kevin Xu is the General Manager of U.S. at PingCAP, the team behind TiDB. He studied CS and Law at Stanford and used to work in the White House in a previous life. He codes in Python, Javascript, and (more recently) Rust.

From iXsystems:
Kris Moore is the original founder of the PC-BSD project, now TrueOS, former co-host of BSDNow, and now VP of Engineering at iXsystems. He lives in the Knoxville Tennessee area, where he oversees FreeNAS, TrueNAS and other upcoming iX projects. When he's not working, he enjoys hanging out at home with his wife and 5 kids.


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