Enabling Containers at the Edge with Kristopher Francisco - Evolute

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Over the next 3 years, 75% of workloads are expected to move to the edge. As 5G standards are introduced, DevOps leaders and enterprise administrators are being asked to perform work on both content (data) and functionality in more places, more asynchronously than ever before.

Founder and chief technologist of Evolute, a contributor to Docker, Mesos and one of the first large scale, distributed Kubernetes architectures being implemented in the Fortune 5 energy sector, Kristopher Francisco examines the latest edge capabilities of a company’s native enterprise container platform.

From the ability to define once and distribute anywhere - to standard global computing operations across any large implementation architecture, Evolute will demonstrate the ability to distribute and define software anywhere via its pre-released Edge Data Management Interface (EDMI).

With native support for Docker and Kubernetes environments, as well as the ability to tie into existing public cloud and platform architectures (e.g. Amazon, Google, Microsoft), Evolute demonstrates its ability to move software, functions, and data to multiple geographic locations via EDMI and a simplified command and definition model.

Attendees will leave the session with greater insights into the challenges of global container architectures, approaches on leveraging edge-native tools and topologies and walk away with a greater understanding for large scale systems and software administration.

Speaker Bio: Kristopher Francisco is revolutionizing cloud infrastructure as the Founder and technology lead at Evolute. He created new cloud architectures with the world’s most admired technology company (Apple) and the world’s largest technology challenge (Chevron). His contributions to open source (e.g., docker-stats) and other core projects power Evolute and are used throughout the industry.

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