{ After Slack Frontiers Meetup at Galvanize SF } Bay Meetup #007

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Stand-Up - Architecting your systems (in)coherently

As developers we are accustomed to communicate very well with the whole team, right? We use the right technologies to do what we were asked ... We correctly plan all the steps of the systems, we understand what the customer wants. We are past a coherent deadline and more, correct? Let's see what can go bad or very bad about architecture and systems.

Programming languages to keep an eye on 2019

Technologies for development change from time to time, and sometimes come back from time to time. In this talk we will see what technologies are influencing development in 2019, what languages are in the hype, what other languages are being used, some popularity comparisons between languages and what you need to know to choose your programming languages.


Rodrigo "pokemaobr" Cardoso

The Velopers talk-show host, developer and community manager at iMasters. Organizer and IT event curator. Bachelor of Mathematics with MBA in SOA. PHPSP evangelist and creator of PokePHP. The focus is to help the community disseminate technical content and jokes to devs.

Amrita Jain

Amrita Jain has a strong background in architecting scalable web services and cloud infrastructures. She is senior manager of engineering at Twitch. Previously she worked as the Director of WebServices at Beachbody LLC. where the tech backbone designed by her team serves millions of customers across America and Europe.

Igor França

Back-end Architect and Data Engineer at Shawee.io, building the CHAOS inside Kubernetes cluster around there. Node.js addicted && Gopher for life! Nowadays trying to make space exploration and knowledge more accessible for everyone through projects with open data! #SpaceX and #NASA for everyone


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