Bay meetup 1st year anniversary #015 After Developer Week


At our one Year FREE and in-person meetup from the Bay Area Meetup Tech Series, Shawee and CI&T invites you to connect with the communities and providing reliable, exciting content, with major influencers and speakers from developer communities.


05:30 - 06:00 pm - Check-in, opening and introduction

06:00 - 06:40 pm - Apple ARKit: The future of Augmented Reality?

06:40 - 07:20 pm - A process for your job search and salary negotiations.

07:20 - 07:40 pm - Pause for Coffee and Networking

07:40 - 08:10 pm - Pronunciation Remediation for Spoken Language Learning

08:10 - 08:30 pm - Softskills needed for the future work force

08:30 - 08:45 pm - Networking, pizza and beer


Jean Paul Marinho

Senior iOS and Unity Engineer | Founder of UnityBR | Career in big companies like IBM, Santander and Spring | Tech Editor at RayWenderlich | Pluralsight Mentor | Winner of important brazilian hackathons (Mastercard and Facebook SHIFT, Ambev HackTheWorld, CodeForce Santander, Globo Hackathon, MovileHack, Itau Insights and Hackathon Iguatemi) | Attendant of international events (Vision Summit 2017 at Los Angeles-CA, MENA Transport Global Hackathon, Future Blockchain Summit at Dubai-UAE and Apple WWDC18 at California) | Traceur (parkour practitioner) | Flugelhornist | Founder of Plantae

Jeremy Rossmann

Jeremy dropped out of MIT to co-found Make School, a Y Combinator-backed college for computer science in San Francisco. Students earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Computer Science and don’t pay until they are employed. Make School’s alums outperform top colleges with an average salary of $100,000 per year with placements at Google, Facebook, Tesla, and other top Silicon Valley companies.

James Salsman

Statistician, software engineer, and speech processing specialist with over 25 years of signal processing, C, Python, Javascript, PostgreSQL, R, telephony and related experience, studied mathematics at Carnegie Mellon and has worked with a variety of Silicon Valley tech companies and startups. contributions to open source software include substantial improvements to phase vocoder algorithm efficiency and upgrades to TCL and Android. He is currently working on speech recognition for intelligibility assessment and remediation instruction, helping people learn to speak and read well. Other interests include mentoring for educational technology and open source software development efforts.

Leandro Piazza

Founder of 49 Educação, the first startup university in Brazil. 10+ years of experience as a college professor. Stanford visiting professor and developer of a new teaching methodology based on soft skills.


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