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Cut your Dependencies with - Dependency Injection

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Cut your Dependencies with - Dependency Injection

Dependency injection is a design patter with the potential to write cleaner code. Over the lifetime of a product, maintaining the product is actual one - if the the most - expensive areas of the overall product costs. Writing clean code can significantly lower these costs. Writing clean code also makes you more efficient during the initial development time and results in a more stable code base.

In this talk, we will dive into the basics of Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) to review different ways of achieving decoupling. We will explorer best practices, design, and anti-patterns.

Basic Design Pattern Refresh
You will get much more from this presentation if you understand basics such as DRY and SOLID, which are the building blocks for a decoupled architecture. If you are not familiar with these basics, please join the 6:10 basic pattern refresh session.

The Speaker
Theo has been designing and implementing .NET based applications, components and frameworks since .NET 1.0. Currently, Theo works as a Manager and Lead Engineer Customer Success at AppDynamics, one of the leading application performance management solutions for distributed application for web and cloud.

Theo’s special interests are software architecture, framework and platform design, and writing Clean Code by applying craftsmanship principles.

Check out Theo's blog and follow him on Twitter @theojungeblut.


6:00 doors open (pizza and drinks)
6:10 basic design pattern refresh presentation
6:30 announcements
6:35 main presentation
8:30 raffle

... and discussion at the pub afterwards!