What we're about

Welcome to the Bayesian Data Science DC Meetup group (a.k.a DC Bayesians).

We are a community of data scientists, statisticians, engineers, researchers & entreprenuers interested in the practical applications of modern Bayesian statistical methods. Join us for friendly academic briefings, stories from real-world projects, and open discussion of Bayesian inference, tools, techniques and case studies.

We follow a conventional format of 1 or 2 presentations from volunteers in the group and/or invited experts, and general conversation and socialising afterwards. Think of us as your Bayesian self-help group in the DC Area.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

• Bayesian Data Analysis.

• Probabilistic programming with PyMC3, Stan, Pyro, Edward & others.

• Nonparametric Bayesian methods such as Gaussian process, Dirichlet process

• Hierarchical Bayesian models

• Model checking and comparison techniques.

• MCMC sampling methods such as NUTS, HMC

• Variational Inference methods such as ADVI.

• Bayesian machine learning

• Bayesian deep learning.

• Bayesian reinforcement learning.

Call for presentations:

We provide a friendly & supporting environment to share your ideas and get feedback on your work. If you are interested in presenting, please submit presentation proposals at DC.Bayesians@gmail.com.

Follow us on Twitter: @DC_Bayesians

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