• August Bazel meetup @ Tink


    Location: Tink HQ, Vasagatan 11 Welcome to the second “bazel build //stockholm/...”, and the first one with new organizers! This meetup is all about getting to know fellow bazel builders, and learning from each other. We have two longer talks prepared, if you want to share your Bazel experience via a talk, please let us know. Your talk can be short or long! ** Practical info ** When entering the Tink office, you'll be required to register with your real full name. We'll meet you at the door on the 7th floor. ** Agenda ** 18:00 — Doors open, mingle! There will be food and beer provided, sponsored by Tink! 18:30 — “How we’re using Bazel at Tink” ☀️ by Kiril Videlov Kiril will talk about how Bazel streamlines the Tink development workflow. Caching, packaging, third-party deps 19:00 — “Creating your own rules” 📏 by Gustav Westling Gustav will talk about how you can add functionality to Bazel, by writing your own rules. 19:30 — Your talk? We’re looking for more speakers, if you’re interested to host a talk about anything related to Bazel, contact Gustav Westling (@zegl)!

  • Bazel War Stories and Learnings @ Spotify

    Welcome to Bazel build //stockholm/...! In this opportunity we'd like to invite you to share in with some war stories, and open the floor with some Q/A. Agenda (Tentative): 18.00hs — Doors open & Mingle 18.30hs — A Bazel Crash Course 🔥🛠 by @ostera For the uninitiated, we will quickly cover the basics of Bazel, why it was built, the principles behind it, when should you consider it, and where you can learn more. 18.45hs — Changing Engines Mid-flight ✈️ by @dflemstr David will tell a war story about how Spotify migrated a diverse codebase to Bazel while still working on it. 19.15hs — Automating Updates in Bazel 🎁 by @rarkins Rhys will walk us through how he enabled automated updates that don't break reproducibility or give away control in the Renovate tool. There'll be a demo! 20.00hs — Doors close. There will be food provided (including vegetarian options) so if you have any particular allergies that we need to be aware of please get in touch. See you soon! / Leandro