What we're about

We are a set of people passionate about poetry in all forms and shapes. We tend to instill poetry in everything in life. Remembering a verse or two when rain falls, finding rhyme and verses amidst mad rattling of business meetings and remembering chachaa ghalib’s line or two, suited for almost every occasion in life. We intend to share this madness with like-minded people, and at the same time, extend the ‘infection’ to some who are prone to it. We look forward to share the little that we feel and comprehend in poetry, and learn a lot more in the process. A poem gives you wings, takes you on a voyage, a parwaz, to an unexplored world at times, or providing a new perception of the known vistas at others. It can transport you back in time, to a different era altogether, or it can take you to a world where human feelings are same beyond all caste, color and boundaries.. And then some parwaz will make you soar high, sit on a skyscraper and see your world with a ‘bird eye view’, making it all suddenly look a lot more meaningful. At Parwaz, we share our poetic voyages with you and look forward to hearing your journeys via poems too.

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