What we're about

Don't be shy to join! We will never be cliquey, most of us will be introverts or shy in some way, and there's no qualifying "amount" of nerdiness.

The original chapter of this meetup was created in San Francisco (Bay Area Nerd Girls), Its founder moved to Amsterdam and started a chapter there and it was such an amazing group that I wanted to start one in the UK.

BANG! is a diverse group of girls and members tend to have an interest in any of the following: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Board games, RPGs, Comics, Cosplay, Graphic Novels, Gaming, Video Games, Anime, Manga...

No match up top? How about these?
Baking, Knitting, Sewing, Writing, Karaoke, Crafting, DIY, Makeup, Graphic Design, Programming, Web Development, Interior Design, History, Science, Engineering, Technology, Cartoons, Activism/Hacktivism, Linguistics, Mental health, Personal development...
Whether you consider yourself a geek, nerd, or dork, it doesn’t matter — every girl is welcome so long as she’s open to meeting all types of friends.

There will be a monthly meet and greet. In addition to that the type of meetups might include; Board games, quiz night, roller derby, Laser tag, Book swaps, Comicon, Fantasy fairs, Cosplay workshops, cooking/baking workshops, Japanese food, Anime screenings, Female empowerment workshops, Drawing nights, Museum/exhibition visits, Movie nights, Mental health & anxiety support, Christmas & Halloween parties, picnics, walks, housewarmings and more.

The aim of the group is to be friendly, supportive & share our interests, as such anyone who's been to a few events can host a meetup anywhere. So speak up if you are feeling inspired!

BANG is only open to those who identify as a woman. We are emphatically trans- and queer-friendly. If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet you. Must be 18+.

If you decide to join us check your welcome message for the link to the group whatsapp chat or ask about it at a meetup.

Upcoming events (3)

Monthly meetup - The Outlook

The Outlook

The monthly meetup is just a laid back event to socialise, get to know each other and discuss any ideas for future meetups. Agenda: 18:00 -19:00 Newcomers and anxious members pre-meet. -arrive while it's quieter and buddy up with someone for the evening. 19:00 - 19:30 Arrival, find tables, order some drinks for yourself, get comfy since everyone is always a little late. 19:30 - 20:00 Icebreaker game (if the space allows for it noise/space wise) 20:00-22:00 Socialise! Say hello to your new fellow nerd girl you just learned about. 22:00-22:30 Wrap up- exchange contact information, organize buddies to walk to the train/car with or buddies to continue hanging out with!

Cosplay! -discussion & planning

Nibsy's Coffee Shop

Let's meet up and get each other excited about cosplay! I'll chat about what it is, who should do it (the short answer is anyone!) some do's and don'ts, what it encompasses and how to get cosplaying if you have never tried it out before. We will also discuss some events we can go to together and find out if anyone wants to do a group cosplay (from the same series/movie/game etc). Please bring pictures of characters you are interested in cosplaying (male characters are totally acceptable) so we can help each other plan and share ideas on how to create them. Bring the details of any events you are interested in -I think this is a great opportunity in April: http://www.cosxpo.com/ . Any previous cosplays are always fun to see too! -see the picture up top for one of mine ;)

Big BANG Utrecht (Netherlands)

De Kargadoor

Fancy a nerdy trip to Amsterdam & Utrecht? BANG (Amsterdam edition) will be turning 3 years old and they are trying something new to celebrate. There will be a 1 day conference/convention with talks, workshops, socialising games and guest speakers. A few members have kindly offered their spare rooms/couches for anyone wanting to join in from our UK group. I know it might not be feasible this time but remember it for next year! The NL group is multicultural, extremely welcoming and everything will be in English. Since they've hired a venue there is a 15 Euro ticket fee. So far there are roughly 30 attendees. If anyone is thinking of going, get in touch regarding travel/accommodation plans and any other questions you may have. Naturally there would be time for sightseeing and we can plan to do things together. I have booked my flights and there are still reasonable tickets on KLM from Heathrow to Schiphol.

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Mortal Engines @ Showcase (3D)

Showcase Cinemas, Reading Rd, Winnersh, Wokingham, Berkshire

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