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Tango-Free Intro class at Caffe Medici Downtown (No partner needed!)

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Tango is often called "dance of the heart" and it's been a LOVE of mine for several months.

Tango helps a woman learn to connect with a partner, follow, listen deeply, and surrender to the music. In tango, your partner invites you to move and you can choose to move or not, each partner is following the other, it's a beautiful practice.

I recommend Tango to ALL my Art of Feminine Presence students for so many reasons and I want to get it out here on the BE fem group!

If you love dancing and you've always wanted to try tango, this is the place! Everyone is

Around 10-20 people usually show up to this event and everyone is so friendly.

Come for the intro class at 8PM ( with or without a partner, there will be plenty of people there and they always rotate partners)

Stay for the MIlonga (tango social dance after) 9-11pm.

If you're going to be there, leave a comment, rsvp yes, and I'll be sure to look for you when I'm there.

Class is taught by:

Gustavo Simplis from Esquina Tango

This is a pic of me, Lauren, so you can spot me at tango. I may not always be there, and in the future I may work to create a meeting before tango to connect.

I just put this here because I want to be able to connect with you all that show up to tango, and since i don't really run or host the event, Gustavo does, it might be hard to meet.

DOn't be shy, if you see me come say hi and let me know you came because of the Be Fem project!!

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