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Food is the ingredient that binds us together🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🕴🕺👫👬 Good food is good mood😉😋 今個星期五晚睇戲前不如一齊去食大阪燒咯~ 來自日本的千房,係道頓堀人氣大阪燒專門店,剛於今年8月登陸香港,喺旺角開店。旺角美食-日本過江龍殺入香港-人氣大阪燒店-千房-旺角開業 舌尖上的餐廳: 千房 CHIBO 名額: 6位舌尖 (當晚睇「跟著宜家衣櫃去旅行」電影的會友優先) 日期:2018年9月28日 (星期五) 時間:7pm - 8:30pm 會合地點:餐廳內 (旺角T. O. P. 4樓,旺角地鐵站B3出口) 註:因為餐廳訂座已滿,當晚會walk in排隊(據悉餐廳3分2座位係分配俾walk in客人),如果等唔到位,該商埸亦有其他餐廳選擇。預料餐廳用餐時間為1. 5小時。 開心食價🤗:預計每人約[masked]元 加餐廳10%服務費 *大家注意自己食物敏感問題喔~ *Be Happy N Healthy Host reserves the right to decide who can go or not How to find Host: –feel free to whatsapp Natalie:[masked] Warm Reminder: Those not showing up / dropouts within 24hrs (2 times) in a row would be taken off the group

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What we're about

We would like to invite you to follow our ig : " class="linkified">" class="linkified"> (" class="linkified"> ...;;;;

Be Happy N Healthy aims to gathering different kind of people to experience different healthy activities such as hiking, running n doing voluntary work etc. Here are some main themes of our activities:
1. Hiking, mainly leisure hike , so allow all participants can join it n touch our nature!

2.Run for healthy n fitness, normally run 5-21km, depends on the levels of members
3.Dinner: aims to taste different restaurants n share career life , how to get fit , investment experience, how's your grateful life......

Rules of Be Happy N Healthy :
1. Be friendly to every member, smile more~
2.Clicking “join” activities is counted as join. Even messaging us about your wish to join is not valid. We will follow the first-come-first-serve system in the list to let people participate . People in waiting list will be filled up to the participating list and can join finally when someone turn RSVP No in Going list. [我哋的活動不設私信留位,以報名參加名單(Going)作準及在候補名單(Waiting)逐一補上。如在活動一刻也是 waiting,就代表不能參加,座位數量有限,我哋期望下次見到你。

3.Be a responsible member, pls upddate your RSVP status one day before the event, also be punctual as well~~*黎唔到既朋友請盡早改RSVP為NO, 不要缺席哦~ 缺席两次,會自動退出會籍。另外請大家準時到達, 逾时不候(尤其行山活動)~

4.If u wanna share photos via facebook , have better to ask other members agreement, thanks!

5. We are a team , when go hiking , try not to leave the team without telling the organizers.

6.**Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, keep nothing but memories (活動中不能亂丟垃圾,鼓勵拾撿垃圾,提倡環保,做到“留下的只是你的腳印,帶走的只是你的留影”。)

Disclaimer: All participants are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer, and agreed to exonerate the leaders, the organizers and any other participants in the walks from any liabilities, claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries or deaths or damages arising thereof. Members joining every activity are at their own choosing and at their own risk.
【免責聲明】 1. 所有活動以自由形式参加及和每個活動均有可能的危險性,organizers 會協助有需要者, 但参加者仍須對自己之安全負上全部責任。如在活動中發生人身損害或 財物損失,應立即通知保險公司協調相關事宜,Be Happy N Healthy 不承擔責任及作出任何賠償。

2. 代他人報名者必須將以上注意事項告知被代報名參加者,凡報名者均視為接受本聲明,凡被代報名參加者均視為已通過代他人報名者知曉以上注意事項並接受本聲明。

Wish u hv fruitful n grateful life!

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