What we're about

If you want to make a change, need inspiration in your life or want to be around like-minded people then this is the Meetup group for you.

And if you enjoy TED style talks, maybe wished they lasted a little longer and you could ask questions, then you’ll love our format.

Welcome to Be Inspired Vancouver.

This Meetup promises two things:
• To inspire ideas, and;
• To share strategies to put those ideas into action

Life. It can be both exciting and confusing! We all have moments where we are unsure what to do next, both personally and professionally. And we look for inspiration.

Join us to invest in your personal development, your intellectual growth and to be inspired to create new ideas and run with them!

At each talk, featured speakers give 90-minutes of interactive talks on a specific topic, curated to inspire and give take-away actions and strategies that you can put into practice on the SkyTrain home.

The talk series will be held in an intimate venue in Downtown Vancouver to create a fun and social atmosphere.

All the talks are interactive, practical and from quality speakers, and the audience is friendly and welcoming. The perfect recipe for a great evening.

Sometimes, all we need to invest in ourselves is a little inspiration, a little time and a little action. This can lead to great things. So, Be Inspired Vancouver.

Be Inspired Vancouver in Three Words:

Thought-provoking, Comforting, Exciting - Gavin

Eye-opening, Thought-provoking, Inspiring - Anita

Interactive, Relaxed, Informative

Inspiring, Educational, Interesting - MK

Welcoming, Inspiring, Thought-provoking

Interactive, Friendly, Refreshing - Joanne

Informative, Thoughtful, Interesting - Norm

Interesting, Helpful, Enjoyable - SF


"The smaller more intimate group size made it a very welcoming 'safe' space for someone new to this and the city! Towards the end it felt like there was a very natural group conversation beginning. Having experienced similar events in London [UK] I have never experience that openness." - Ali A -

"I love being able to converse with other people on the same journey of exploration." - ST -

"What I loved most about this event was that everyone in attendance was open and honest about sharing their story. I believe this event is totally worth it and I look forward to the next one!" - Sarah L -

"I liked how honest the speakers were and how there was a good variety of speakers (personalities)." - Lara -

"The interactivity make the strengths/values self-assessment we did more impact-ful and memorable." - PY -

"It's new and the format is different. I loved the three reasons of coming to this group! Looking forward to how it evolves." - Aaron -

"What I liked most about the event was the advice that the speakers gave and how diverse the background that everyone came from. There's something for everyone." - Ellen T -

3 reasons to attend:

1. Meet new people who share your passion for learning, and who are truly like-minded.
2. Learn something new and leave inspired and with strategies to take action for yourself.
3. It is AMAZING value for money.

First timer attendee? This Q and A is for you:

Q: I don’t have anyone to go with.
A: The majority of Meetup attendees attend as singles, so we encourage you to say yes to stepping out of your comfort zone for a few hours and the possibilities are endless. We are fun, open and welcoming, and can't wait to meet you!

Q:I sometimes feel uncomfortable speaking in front of others, especially at events.
A: Be Inspired Vancouver talks are interactive, but there is no pressure for attendee to share their story unless they volunteer it. You will never be put on the spot - just share if you feel like it.

What's the refund policy?
Tickets are non-refundable. Tickets can however be transferred to another person, or be transferred to a future Be Inspired Vancouver event. Please contact the organizer directly to arrange.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
You do not need your printed ticket. We just need your name on arrival.

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