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Be More Social is a peer support group where people with Social Anxiety, Social Phobia and Excessive shyness can learn to improve Social Skills in a safe and confidential environment without being judged by others. It is your space to be yourself. Acceptance and friendship are given freely in this group.

Visit our website to get more tips on how to manage anxiety and live well at socialanxietyinfo.org (https://socialanxietyinfo.org/)

There is NO network marketing allowed. Members who attend for any reason other than to receive support for their social anxiety will be removed without notice.


There will be refreshments, a welcoming and judgement-free environment and lots of really understanding people who know what you’re going through because they’re in the same boat. You’ll find sponsors and group leaders who are willing to lend an ear and all their support and mentor-ship.

Meetings start with a body scan and breathing exercise before moving on to an exercise focused on building social skills. After that there’s a break so you can grab more refreshments and take a breather if needed.

Then we move into a constructive group discussion based on what we know that helps to heal Social Anxiety. We discuss ways to manage Social Anxiety, improve our social lives, build relationships and live happy.

Sharing and participation is optional and anonymous. It is perfectly okay to come and just observe for as long as you need. This group has many repeat visitors that make up an ongoing support system to provide new members a welcoming atmosphere.


1. People who find their mind and body on red alert when around people for no explainable reason.

2. People who want to make a connection with others but find it difficult to be their genuine self.

3. People who struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem.

4. People who are not nervous around people and are able to be genuine BUT cannot seem to agree enough with any human being to form intimate relationships. People’s advice doesn’t make sense and indeed society doesn’t seem to be in-line with your values.


1. This group is only for people listed above.

2. This is a support group for a very serious condition. In order to protect member privacy and the delicate nature of this group, networking marketing is prohibited. Members who pass out business cards and/or announce their services will be removed from the group without notice.

3. Healthcare professionals and life coaches must check in with the group’s organizer team.

Be More Social frequently has guest speakers. Healthcare professionals, life coaches and any other professional that works with people in any capacity to help them with life problems will be welcomed to speak in the group upon invitation from the organizer team only.

Membership comes with a guide pact full of helpful info and resources for Social Anxiety. Find it here. (https://socialanxietyinfo.org/)

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