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"Be Pain Free" meeting and Weight Loss and Addressing the root cause(s)

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You are invited to a session on learning how to become your own doctor - understanding and working at the physical root cause level of your health condition versus treating symptoms - Sunday, September 15 from 7:00-9:00pm in Burnaby.

For this session we'll also be addressing the topic around weight loss. We'll be looking at why practically all diet and exercise plans - while maybe they are good temporary remediation measures - don't address the root cause of the problem (and most of the time, people shortly put the weight back on). The whole topic will be addressed from a new and refreshing perspective taking into account how the body works in ways you may have not known before, understanding how chemistry works in the body, the role of emotions and the mind, and what positive steps you can take moving forward.

The price of this group is $10 or "whatever." We look forward to seeing you! "Whatever" can be an amount other than $10, or a tangible item that the group leader(s) can take home with them that you think they might enjoy.

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