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Makers Institute Class: Design Thinking for Social Good (3-Parts)

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Join Kristina Drury, founder TYTHEdesign (, for a our Makers Institute class series on Design Thinking: Using Strategic Problem-Solving for Social Good!

• Class #1 – Design-Thinking from Theory to Practice (Monday, 2/17)
• Class #2 – Design Research to Understand Your Community’s Needs (Monday, 2/24)
• Class #3 – Co-creation with Your Community and Colleagues (Monday, 3/3)
Purchase individually or as a series! While they build upon each other, they each also stand-alone.
Please note: This is the same series that was taught last November, but with an updated Class #2. If you missed one, or two of the sessions, you can sign up for them individually. In addition, we will offer related, individual classes in the coming months. We look forward to seeing you!
Are you looking for new approaches to problem-solve? Do you need to reconnect with your community or client base to better address their needs? After years of implementing design-thinking into their daily work, TYTHEdesign ( has tailored a series of classes focused on how the theories translate into real world, real work experience. This series of classes, hosted by Be Social Change, will demystify design-thinking based frameworks and translate them into approachable strategies to help you better connect with your community, innovate within your team, enhance new and existing services, and increase your impact.
Each interactive class will introduce design-based frameworks, provide TYTHE’s own examples of implementation, and facilitate hands-on modeling to bridge the gap between theory and practice. You will walk away with strategies that can be easily customized to your work and community, providing a regenerating source for creativity and collaboration. Come ready to learn, share, and engage!
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Each Monday, Feb 17th – March 3rd, 2014 from 6:45 PM to 8:45 PM (EST)
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Who this class is for:
Individuals and teams in the social good, non-profit and entrepreneurial community looking to:
• Integrate design-thinking into their daily problem-solving
• Better connect with their users and community
• Develop better services and products by involving their community and colleagues in the creation process

What You’ll Learn
Class #1 – Design-Thinking from Theory to Practice (Monday, 2/17)
Design-thinking is a user-centered methodology that TYTHE implements on a daily basis when approaching problem-solving with clients, communities and colleagues. It helps you to empathize with your audience, design to their needs, and experiment with solutions. In this class you will not only learn the tenets of design-thinking but understand how they translate into your daily work and interactions with your team. Through activities, case studies and interactive modeling, you will learn: a process for thinking through problems, how to build the capacity for user-centered empathy, and ways to efficiently brainstorm. In short, you will learn how to turn design-thinking from theory into practice.
Class #2 – Design Research to Understand Your Community’s Needs (Monday, 2/24)
Find out what your users really need and want from the most direct source… them! In a case study-driven approach, this class reviews the numerous tools to help you understand your community, clients, and consumer-base. With this research you can design your product or services to address actual needs and have an enduring impact. Through strategies for ethnographic and design research, this workshop helps you check your assumptions and see beyond them. In addition, it provides insight for navigating the ever-present constraints of budget and time in your research. You will gain skills in how to build a framework around what type of research works best for identifying your user’s needs within different constraints, keys to empathizing with your client, and tips for approaching and engaging with your community. By implementing these strategies you will keep your services and products at the forefront of innovation and relevancy.
Class #3 – Co-creation with Your Community and Colleagues (Tuesday, 3/3)
Co-designing can be essential to gain support for new initiatives. By facilitating participation from stakeholders and community members you encourage their trust, integrate their agendas into the process, and establish their investment in the outcome. This class identifies the tools and strategies to use in order to maximize working with communities and colleagues. We will engage in a variety of activities on how to brainstorm and prototyping/testing new ideas in a participatory design process. We identify tools for creating buy-in from staff or users when promoting a new policy, product, or service, and for engaging with a variety of stakeholders or community members. In addition, we will provide a framework for the process of investing in their opinions and determining how to be inclusive and efficient at the same time.
Instructor Bio
A designer, educator, and entrepreneur, Kristina Drury ( is the founder of TYTHEdesign (, a design strategy firm that support organizations working towards positive social change. Prior to starting TYTHEdesign, Kristina worked as the NYC chapter head for Project H Design, a non-profit focusing on product design for social change. While there, she was one of the lead designers of Learning Landscape, an educational active-learning playground installed globally, and also featured at Cooper Hewitt’s 2010 National Design Triennial. Currently, Kristina is a visiting Professor at Pratt Institute, and has taught workshops with the New Museum – Ideas for the City Festival, Pratt Institute, Startingbloc, SVA Design for Social Innovation, and is a master teacher with Skillshare.
About TYTHEdesign
TYTHEdesign ( is a collaborative design strategy firm for the social good sector with clients that including non-profits, social ventures, education/cultural institutions and city government agencies. Through our services we support organizations streamline their potential for community engagement, service delivery, workplace efficiency, helping them to increase the impact of their work. Our services include service delivery and system design, graphic communications, community engagement, space strategy and workshops and training. TYTHEdesign has worked with such organizations as NYC Department of Education, California State Library, The Feast, Sustainable South Bronx and TEDxBrooklyn. Recently they were awarded the recognition of finalist in the Victor J. Papanek Award for Social Design 2011 and a runner up in the 2012 Core77 Design Award in Education Initiatives.
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About The Makers Institute
The Makers Institute ( is the education arm of Be Social Change focused on building a pipeline of entrepreneurial problem-solvers tackling the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time.
The Makers Institute serves as a platform for leaders in the social innovation, business, and technology space to share their knowledge and expertise with passionate professionals wanting to engage in work that creates meaning, purpose, and impact. By connecting and leveraging the power of existing human and social capital, The Makes Institute is creating a community of social change starters, makers, andamplifiers building the next generation of careers and organizations that will change the world.
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The Centre for Social Innovation is a Founding Partner of the Makers Institute and a home for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs in New York City. They’re building a movement of passionate people committed to a better world. Learn more at (
Refund Policy: Refunds can be issued in full up to 24 hours prior to the start of the class by contacting Be Social Change. Refunds cannot be processed within 24 hours of a class or once the class has taken place.

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